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[S][W]Dino's Ultima Page Turns 18

27th July 2020 by Dino

Greetings everyone! I cordially invite you to join me in celebrating the 18th anniversary of Dino's Ultima Page. Started back in 2002 with very humble origins, this site grew considerably over the years and is still (somewhat) active. Whereas a human being reaching this age is considered an adult in many parts of the world, it is even more remarkable for a website, especially given that many others in our community have long since disappeared.

In other news, The CRPG Addict's most recent post about Ultima VII: The Black Gate has seen him visit the areas in and around Serpent's Hold, Trinsic and Empath Abbey. There have been some issues relating to bugs and sequences of events, but he continues to play his way, and is not far from wrapping up the game. He'll be visiting Skara Brae next.

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