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[S]Ultima Web Directory migrated to WebDB2

28th February 2014 by Dino

The old Ultima Web Directory, which has been a part of Dino's Ultima Page for close to ten years, is no more. I have migrated the last of its contents to the Ultima Web Database 2 today.

The old Web Directory sought to be a comprehensive list of Ultima sites on the web. Over the years it became horribly out of date. But worse than that, there were many large Ultima sites that spanned various categories, and this made it very problematic to keep the Ultima Web Directory organised.

The Ultima Web Database 2 is the third incarnation of the Ultima Web Directory, and has been online for almost three years. It solves the categorisation problem by using a tagging system. Although it contains a fairly large database of Ultima sites like its predecessors, one of its primary goals is to maintain a record of old links, even of websites that have moved or died. This allows us, where it is needed, to go back in time using the Internet Archive and see these sites as they were in the days of their glory. In other words, the Ultima Web Database 2 is a crystal ball showing the history of the Ultima community.

Although the Ultima Web Database 2 has been expanded and updated over the past few days, the Ultima community is quite vast in itself and there are certainly many Ultima sites that have yet to be added. If you would like to add or update any information in the Ultima Web Database 2, please get in touch.

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