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28th August 2006 by Dino

Anyone who still checks the forum probably already noticed the large amounts of spam that have been plaguing it for a while. I am working on an upgrade to the forum script, but I will need people to help me test it before I can use the new script. Later this week there will be a public beta test where everyone can poke around the new script and report any flaws. Anyone interested in taking part should contact me by email. It won't take too much of your time, and your contribution will be vital in improving the forum and keeping spam at bay. You can also try out the new features, such as account registration, on the forum before I actually release the script to the public.

La Legende d' Ultima, which has been silent for months, has a couple of new newsposts. They speak of Ultima Online and of the Lost Vale box that surfaced a while ago.

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