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[W]Spector thinks game devs are still making cartoons

28th August 2010 by Dino

Withstand the Fury Dragon posted a brief discussion of an article in which Warren Spector is quoted saying that most game developers are still making cartoons. This criticism is aimed at the overused idea of the lone tough hero who saves the world. Withstand the Fury Dragon argues that there is nothing wrong with that, because people can relate to this idea and wish that they were that hero. While I share WtFD's opinion on how people relate to heroes, I have to agree with Spector because the lack of originality in most games, films, music and other forms of entertainment makes me sick. Anyone who has seen several apocalyptic movies, for example, can probably understand my frustration. The fact that most games etc are essentially the same is really the reason that I pretty much quit trying out new ones.

Withstand the Fury Dragon also posted on Aiera that he has been busy but will resume posting news next week; and that the Arx Fatalis downloads have been restored.

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