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[W][R]UGCK demo

28th October 2004 by Dino

The Underworld Game Creation Kit, that was just a free-time work-in-progress of Telemachos's, has now become more than a host of screenshots posted at a forum. It now has its own website, forum and demo!

A new client download for Ultima 6 Online is available. There are some fixes and some additions for new players.

Thepal at Infinity Eternal has clarified what he said about moving to Oblivion. This should not take too much longer than it would with the current engine.

Apart from releasing a screenshot of the Cape of Heroes, the Titans of Ether have announced a competition where you can have your quest included in the game. Submissions must be sent by the end of the year.

Pentagram is now set to play the introductory sequence with Devon, though it can be disabled as described on the website. Some issues with collision detection have also been fixed.

From Aiera I gather that a Windows port of Ultima Classics Revisited is now available. Also, you should visit their website at the new host, as the old address will apparently no longer be used.

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