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[S][W][R]Lord British robbed

29th March 2007 by Dino

For those of you who have enjoyed plundering Lord British's castle in the Ultima games, here is an interesting bit of news: the real-life Lord British was robbed by a group of teenagers, who stole and/or drank $5000 worth of alcohol, partied on site, and left behind their digital camera full of photos of themselves.

In today's entry to Blogging Ultima, Ophidian Dragon has stumbled upon a number of useful items, completed all the shrine quests, and reached Dungeon Doom.

As Aiera has reported, Lost Sosaria now sports a new development diary as well as 15 new screenshots.

As regards my progress with reverse engineering Ultima 1 (you can find some files at the discussion area), I've implemented a basic tile viewer (that I might eventually extend into a map viewer, and possibly even beyond), and have made significant progress with decoding the savegame file format. As well as finding out where your current transport is saved, I've also found out that a good amount of the file (at least half of it) is used to save objects that appear on the map, such as monsters and transports. I have partially figured out the way they are stored. While the files I uploaded have not yet been updated to reflect my latest discoveries, anyone interested in the details is welcome to contact me.

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