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[W][R]U6P nearing completion (and other news)

29th May 2010 by Dino

Tribun Dragon has sent me another progress report about work going on at the Codex of Editable Wisdom:

We were very busy at the Codex of Editable Wisdom, and the gaps become smaller with each day. We can celebrate over 2500 articles and here the highlights of our recent activities since the last news:

Besides that, we did houskeeping, added new navigation bars and infoboxes, lorequotes and updated pictures in better quality. The biggest work left to be done are the NPCs of Ultima V and Martian Dreams. Someone else is already working on the NPCs of Ultima IV.

Ophidian Dragon has continued blogging his way through the SNES version of Ultima 7, which is proving to be a source of frustration and disappointment.

Good news from the Ultima 6 Project: the 1.0 release is very near, and 3D development has been complete for a month. U6P team member Niko Makela has posted a video on the U6P site showing some nice examples of his 3D models and their animations.

The Titans of Ether have posted a progress report for April.

At Return to the Serpent Isle, a May update has been posted. Food and sleeping systems are complete and have been released on NWVault, and a Serpent Gate system is also working.

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