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[W][R]U5TICalc new features, Titans of Ether back online and other Ultima news

29th July 2006 by Petrell

David Randall, the author of Ultima 5 remake for TI-calculators, posted two new gif animations in the Ultima News topic showing new features that he has implemented : clocks can be looked at to check what time it is in game, musical instruments can played and troll's now lurk beneath bridges of Britannia and may demand toll from innocent travellers and passer-by's. Two additional gif's can be found in his Ultima 5 topic in TI-Freakware forum, one showing random enemy generator in action and the other showing how torches can now be used to increase viewing distance in dark areas and crystal ball to view the mini-map.

Titans of Ether site and forum are now back online and the forum has a new look. According to Corv, the downtime was result of serious hacking attempt that, hopefully, have now been taken care of. In another topic, Direhaggis, the project lead dialogue writer has posted a mini update. He does not go into detail but assures that progress has and is being made in all areas.

Nazghul version 0.5.4 Mac PPC binaries have been released. Universal Binaries for Intel Macs should also be available soon.

Ultima Iris Developer Framework 0.4 has been released. New in this release :

-Grannyviewer (Dress and Hue-Color the Granny Models, SMD Import/Export)
-IrisEdit 0.95 (Texture Editor added, Define High-Res Groundtextures for Iris, 3DS Import bug fixed)
-ParticleEdit 0.93 (UO - Spelleffect ID added )
-IrisMapEditor 0.31 (support for M.Legacy added)
-Maprenderer 0.21 (Tool to select Renderarea added)

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