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[W][R]The Lost Vale plot docs revealed; and more

29th October 2011 by Dino

The UDIC Facebook Group's latest activity has some interesting news concerning Richard Garriott. Adam Burr shared news of his legal victory over NCSoft; Manuel Masias pointed out an article about Britannia Manor II which is for sale; and Andrew Owen posted a link to an article about Richard Garriott's robot which he leaves in charge of his office. Other interesting shares from the group include part of Enrico Ricciardi's collection, and an image comparing the EU and US cloth maps of U7 (by Sergorn).

A particularly interesting bit of news from Aiera last week is the release of The Lost Vale plot documents - something that many of us have been wishing in vain to discover for many years.

A newspost at the Ultima 6 Remake for Exult describes AgentOrangeGuy's latest progress.

The people at Forgotten World have managed to provide U9BB.EXE as a patch to U9.EXE 1.19f, meaning that it will work with "any savegame of every version of Ultima IX or Beautiful Britannia".

More news from Aiera:

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