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[W][R]Minima: New Ultima-Inspired Fan Project

29th October 2018 by Dino

Feneric has recently released a new game called Minima. It's inspired by Ultima and is intended to recreate the feel of playing RPGs on 8-bit Commodore computers, but it's a completely new game and is fully playable. Some people have reportedly already been able to beat it.

From the Minima GitHub page: "Minima is an adventure RPG in the style of the older Ultima games as played on the Commodore 8-bit computers. Just like the original Ultima games, it includes a world view, enterable towns, and 3D dungeon displays. It also features graphics, sound effects, and music that should help one recollect those classics. More importantly, it is a fully playable (and winnable) game with its own backstory, plot, setting, and characters."

If you'd like to learn more, or play it, check out the following links:

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