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[W][R]Ultima 6 Online goes Open Source

29th November 2008 by Petrell

Sorry for my prolonged absence. My PC Hard drive started breaking down and needed to be replaced (third time in less than one and half years). Also something went wrong with reinstalation as my IE7 keeps crashing and I may need another reinstallation so I can't guarantee regular updates. But enough about me.

In Ultima news:

Ultima 6 Online client and host source have been released as well as all the tools used in its creation. Number of improvements have already been made by Mose and Lutejin and they've set up both subversion repository and test server. Further details can be found in the Forum.

Aiera is back online but much of the content, including downloads, forum and sub domains, are still unavailable. WtFD is looking for help in verifying that the files are up to date and linked correctly.

Forgotten World project has posted news about return of the project founder, Firstknight and reorganisation of the project development into milestones. They've also posted 11 new screenshots.

Ultima Iris build 2702 has been released. Check the Changelog for more details.

Wizardry Dragon has posted 2 new screenshots and has started documentatation of the source of his project, Ultima VII: The Feudal Lands.

Nicodemus has updated his Ultima 6 Worldbuilding Dev Diary with 4 new screenshots.

In his Blog, Blogging Ultima, Ophidian Dragon has posted additional entry about Ultima V, this time concentrating game's storyline.

Most of the forum problems in Ultima sites hosted by sourceforge have been fixed and forums for Exult, Nuvia and xu4 are fully functional again. Recent technical difficulties with Ultima V: Lazarus forum have been fixed as well.

George Stepan's site for his Ultima IV remake, Ultima IV: Virtue of Humility, has been down for a while now.

Ultima IX - Infinity Eternal project seem have gone offline recently as well.

In wake of the news about Garriott's retirement from NCSoft comes announcement about Tabula Rasa closing down on February 28, 2009.

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