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29th December 2005 by Dino

My page about Ultima 5 for TI Calculators has been heavily updated to reflect updates that were posted in my forum.

News from Lazarus:

To centralise as much Lazarus information and resources as possible (because it's becoming hard to keep up with all the download mirrors etc), I've created a page about Ultima V: Lazarus. While the official Lazarus website is always the best place to go if you want to learn about Lazarus, my page will be keeping track of things like download mirrors which are scattered throughout their news articles.

In my last news post here I offered to host any Lazarus reviews on Dino's Ultima Page, since I don't have Dungeon Siege and I can't write one myself. Unfortunately I didn't receive any, but the offer is still on. You can also send me screenshots to accompany any reviews, so you can do something like write a story and show it graphically with screenshots. Up to you.

As always, thanks to Petrell who has been posting news in the usual news topic while I was too busy to take care of this site. Note that he is keeping track of Lazarus updates in a special Lazarus topic, so you can look there for central Lazarus information if my new about-Lazarus page ever falls into disrepair.

In a recent news post, the Ultima 6 Project congratulated Lazarus and mentioned that they (u6P) are working on their upcoming milestone release ("very tentatively scheduled for mid-February").

Some Titans of Ether updates that I did not mention for the past couple of months (sorry...):

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