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30th October 2005 by Dino

A section about the Lost Vale box (including the box scans) has been added to my Ultima 8 Guide.

W G, a fellow Ultima fan, sent me a 600*400 desktop wallpaper, with the following message:

I see you are an Ultima fan, by your web page. I made a fanart desktop with all reconizable faces from Ultima games. I wanted to share it with the ultima community.

Later on (when I have time) I might add a page for it, but for now you can only get to it through this news.

Petrell keeps posting updates at a topic in my forum. Check out that topic frequently because it's seeing more updates than this homepage is. Besides, the news I post here is very summarised, while Petrell's posts include full quotations. Here's the latest news Petrell posted:

Other interesting news that appeared at my forum is David Randall's decision to implement dungeons using bird's-eye-view rather than making a new 3D movement/drawing engine for his Ultima 5 remake for TI calculators. This will save space (which is very precious on calculators) without compromising gameplay.

Further to Chapter 15 and 16 of The Lost Vale fanfiction, Aloisio Senra now also sent me Chapter 17. I will add them all soon, don't worry!

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