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[W]U8: Programmer's Playland and Brimstone Cliffs found

7th November 2020 by Dino

An Ultima fan going by the name "Daedalus" has solved two long-standing mysteries about Ultima 8 last month. The Usecode files contain, among many other things, a list of locations that the Divination focus reports. Two of these, Programmer's Playland and Brimstone Cliffs, never appear in the game.

Using Pentagram, Daedalus was able to teleport to different maps, and by using the Divination focus, he confirmed that Programmer's Playland and Brimstone Cliffs are actually maps number 1 and 13 respectively. The former contains an arrangement of NPCs, probably for testing. The latter is completely empty, but its placement between the maps of Daemon's Crag and the Obsidian Fortress supports my original theory (based on the name Brimstone Cliffs) that this location was meant to have some relation to Daemon's Crag before it got cut.

Check out the relevant sections of the Ultima 8 Omissions page for more information about these elusive locations!

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