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[S]Savage Empire Guide Migrated to New Layout

26th April 2021 by Dino

Today, I finished migrating the Savage Empire Guide to the new layout, which I have recently started calling the 7th design of Dino's Ultima Page. The content of the Guide has remained mostly untouched, except for some images (e.g. in the Walkthrough) which are now using the new responsive gallery. Overall, the main benefit of this migration is that the Savage Empire Guide, like the rest of the site, should be usable on mobile devices.

As I wrote in my recent article "The Evolution of Web Design at Dino's Ultima Page", the Savage Empire Guide was the last part of the site to use the 6th design. It's also quite the coincidence that this migration has been finished exactly one year to the day since I started working on the new layout.

Having finished this migration, I can now focus more on doing various much-needed maintenance around the site and also adding more information.

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