Dino's Guide to The Savage Empire

Celebrating 21 Years



Avatar?????1600MHomo SapiensAdventurerIntanya's hut, Kurak tribeYour statistics depend on character creation
Rafkin814294061600MHomo SapiensScientistRafkin's hut, Yolaru tribeRafkin must be in the party for the creation of certain items; can identify potassium nitrate
Jimmy162320402100MHomo SapiensJournalistGuoblum's hut, Disquiqui tribeJimmy can take notes to keep track of the progress in your quests
Johann1418275673200MHomo SapiensKingKotl (after control panel destruction)automatically joins party; can identify potassium nitrate
Triolo2026176873200MHomo SapiensShamanIntanya's hut, Kurak tribeTriolo can cast spells and the Eodon form of Iolo
Shamuru2123186661600MHomo SapiensWarriorRoad north of Barako tribeShamuru is the Eodon form of Shamino
Dokray262017725800MHomo SapiensWarriorAnywhere, Pindiro tribeDokray is the Eodon form of Dupre and will not join if Ugyuk joins
Aiela192822585800FHomo SapiensWarriorPrison, Darden's cave, Urali tribeautomatically joins party
Yunapotli2512158286400OKotl automatonGolden manKotl entrance hallYunapotli's hitpoints go up to 255 when in Kotl, and he is immortal there
Kysstaa272218745800MSakkhraWarrior?, Sakkhra tribe
Ugyuk302289286400MNeanderthalWarriorSouthwest cave entrance, Haakur tribeWill not join if Dokray joins


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