Dino's Guide to The Savage Empire

Topuru's Dialogue

You see a skinny, white-haired, wide-eyed old native man.

"Ha! It is a pale spirit from the water." He peers at you, looking you over. "Not a tribesman. Not a Sakkhra. Must be a spirit."

He shoves out his hand, obviously expecting it to go right through you. It doesn't. He draws back, confused.

You :
Topuru's portrait
>Talk- Topuru
1st/2nd time


  1. Type ? for a list of possible dialogue options.
  2. A list of copy protection questions and answers for Intanya can be found at the General Info section.
  3. Your default name is 'Avatar'. You can change that by using the text field under the character's portrait, or directly changing the name parameter in the URL.
  4. Like in the actual game, typing the first four characters of whatever you want to say is enough.
  5. You'll notice that most Eodon people tend to use the third person when talking, using their own name instead of 'I' and yours instead of 'you'.
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