Dino's Guide to The Savage Empire




The Alt Cheats are a debugging tool used in the Ultima 6 engine (i.e. they exist in Ultima 6, The Savage Empire and Martian Dreams). In Ultima 6 they were left in the game, so they became a popular cheat. However, they were disabled in the Worlds of Ultima Series.

F-15 Dragon later wrote a program called MDHack to enable the Alt Cheats in Martian Dreams. It also works for The Savage Empire. MDHack can be downloaded from:

Known Alt Cheats

You can activate a cheat by pressing Alt and typing the 3 numbers corresponding to that cheat, on the keypad. You need MDHack to be able to use them. The following links tell you which cheats exist:

The following are the debugging commands (cheats) you can use:

I have also investigated the nature of these Alt codes and wrote a text file about Alt codes [TXT] which describes what Alt codes really are, and lists all the existing ones.

Character List

Character lists can be found:

Item Creation

Note: this section is here thanks to Paulon Dragon's Savage Empire cheats [TXT] file (Internet Archive).

Talk to Triolo and say "cheat". This will allow you to generate specific quest items, any other item, and edit flags. See Paulon Dragon's Savage Empire cheats [TXT] file (Internet Archive) for a list of items you can create.

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