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Julie's opinion (15th June 2007):
Savage Empire wasn't only the first Ultima game for me, but the first computer game I ever played besides Chip's Challenge. I loved it as a kid, and it's still great now. I like the characters and their individuality (Intanya and Sahree are my favorites), casting spells, the spider cave, talking to Tristia, and the music. It was well researched and complicated -- I played it before I knew about cheat codes or even how to use the internet. Ha. My Savage Empire blog is www.savageempire.blogspot.com and Dino's page is easily my favorite SA or ultima page.
The Traveller's opinion (17th October 2005):
I have a very special place for SE, since it was THE first ultima I ever played. An incredible experience. So detailed in most aspects, like the fact that only modern characters could use rifles, and that it DID implement dual wielding xD. As always, the grenade thing is one of the best world interactions ever, from getting the clay at the river bank to tarring the strips. An incredible game in every aspect, and as such deserves a decent guide.
Crowley's opinion (21st September 2005):
It's been a long time since I played Savage Empire, but I'll try...

First of all, this shows that the Ultima 6 engine has great potential. In Savage Empire the game world has interactivity that is easily on par with Ultima 7. I could say many good things about Savage Empire which would go triple for Ultima 6 and Martian Dreams.

The companions had well realized personalities and all were useful in some way. Rafkin, who is the weakest party member actually does make up for it by his mind! Lo and behold, some of the potential companions actually disliked each other limiting your options. I don't think any other Ultima has done that.

The plot was good and creative and the new world of Eodon was realized well. You never quite reach the level where all enemies are total pushovers. The Myrmidex remain dangerous and fear-inspiring. The game designers researched American tribes nicely. In the end, there remain several unaswered questions about the plot. What exactly is the relation between Shamuru, Dorkay and Triolo and your old companions? What is Seggallion doing there? Where exactly is Eodon? What lies beyond the valley? The story of the Kotl is only scratched on the surface.

Savage Empire has what I consider by far the best romance the Avatar has in any Ultima. Aiela is the closest thing to an equal companion there has been. Nastassia was just a Damsel In Distress. Frigidazzi was way above the Avatar and just fulfilling a moment's fancy. Please forget Raven ever existed.
Corv's opinion (14th September 2005):
When I think of Savage Empire I think of two things:
1.) You were able to build grenades. Having to find out how it's done and then assembling the different pieces was a great experience. Not even Ultima 7 had such detail in interaction with the gameworld.
2.) rolling a rock on a dinosaur. How cool is that? No, no hyper-sword +12 with special ice powers and super fancy energy bolts; you actually had to use your brain to kill this enemy. Something very unique in RPGs.

Those two things alone are reason enough for me to love this game. :)

Dino, I hope you plans with the guide work out. I am really looking forward to it.
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