Dino's Guide to The Savage Empire




The most common method of travel is walking across Eodon to wherever you want to go. Fortunately, this tiresome task is facilitated by roads that guide you to your destination, and stepping stones and bridges that allow you to get across rivers.


A raft can be used to sail across a lake, either for fishing or to get to an island in the lake. There are two rafts I know of, and both are in the northlands - one is northeast of the Pindiro tribe (no paddles) and one is west of the Barako tribe (complete with paddles), near Topuru's island.

To operate a raft you need to have at least four party members, each equipped with a paddle. Paddles are made for the northern tribes by the Disquiqui, who live far to the south.


Turtles are a method of individual transportation over water. Each character has his own turtle and is not on the same vessel as the rest of the party, as with a raft. Turtles are not normally visible, but will appear if you use turtle bait (provided exclusively by Topuru) to attract them.

The easiest way to have the whole party board turtles is to select each in solo mode and board different turtles. However, if you are already on a turtle and another party member is next to a turtle, using that turtle yourself will automatically make your party member board it.

Turtles are excellent for crossing water where no raft is available, such as to go round the island with the T-Rex outside the Urali village.


Long ago, the Kotl installed a teleportation system to carry anyone across the Valley of Eodon. This system is very much like the one that allows teleportation across their own city. It is very comfortable to use, and the fact that the teleportation hub is right next to the entrance to the Kotl city is all the more convenient, but the hub is also very close to an entrance to the Myrmidex caverns, so attacks on users of the teleportation system are very likely.

One of the teleportation plates is broken; the receiving plate is near the abandoned village where Seggallion lives. The reason behind this lack of functionality is probably a broken generator, since there are 14 generators in the Kotl city for 14 working plates (7 in the city and 7 on the surface of Eodon). However, it is strange that the teleportation plates on the surface of Eodon still work when the control panel is destroyed, since both the generators and the 7 teleportation plates in the city both cease working.

Below is a copy of the world map, showing the location of the teleportation hub and where each teleportation plate takes you. Click on it to see it full size. While it is not very suitable for printing on a black-and-white printer, I have a version of the same map with inverted colours where the text is legible even when printed.

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