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Ultima VII Part 2 - Serpent Isle

Bugs and Mistakes

Serpent Isle inaccuracies [German|English] - Serpent Isle Nitpicks at Hacki's Ultima Page [German|English].


The Serpent Isle copy protection questions and answers are available on my copy protections document.

Characters and Dialogues

Houston Dragon's Ultima Page has A Who's Who of Serpent Isle. It shows in detail the many characters in Serpent Isle, as well as their portraits and their role.


Serpent Isle sections on websites can be found:


Resulka has a video showing the garbage that NPCs say when you fail the copy protection test.


A list of weapons and armour statistics are on the Other Codex (Internet Archive).

You can find a list of lost items (taken away by the teleport storm) at Mike's RPG Center. There is also a list of merchandise with prices.


Mike's RPG Center has a list of spells including the reagents they require, their prices and locations. There is also a separate page about reagents.


World maps of Serpent Isle as on the cloth or paper map can be found:

Maps of the actual world as it is in the game are:

A map of Gorlab Swamp can be found:

Maps of the Dark Path, which is the central point of the Serpent Gates, can be found:

I have a set of in-game maps here at Dino's Ultima Page, from when I played the game several years ago. I don't really remember which map is which, but this is the list:


You can download Serpent Isle music:

A patch [ZIP] for general midi compatibility is on the Ultima Web Archive.


The original plot of Serpent Isle, complete with cut-out parts, related to Moonshade and Mad Mage Isle has been found.

Also, the following topics at the Exult forum contain details about omitted parts of the plot:

Sheri Graner Ray wrote the following about the original plot of Serpent Isle in her blog post "Looking back on 20 years in the industry":

** Originally Bill Armintrout and I were doing the initial design on Serpent Isle. The mandate we were given by Richard and Jeff George (the producer at that time) was that it was to be about the conflict between Brittanian magic and VoDun (VooDoo) magic. And that the island was to be called Serpent Isle because it we were suppoesed to make it in the shape of the snake necklace that Richard wore (and still does, I think.) So I spent a month at the UT LIbrary checking out and reading books on VoDun as that was my side of the design. We'd been in design about three or four months when there was a "re-org." Jeff George quit and the game was given to Warren Specter to produce. We were told to essentially toss everything out and start over. I recently gave the maps and docs from the earliest part of that design to the Origin Museum.

** It was during the reset of Serpent Isle that I came up with the Order + Chaos = Balance religion that made up the base of the current Serpent Isle. I had it all on a white board in the office and was trying to explain it to Bill Armintrout. Bill refused to see it and kept saying "You can't add things that aren't numbers. This makes no sense. Things like that don't add together. " I got SOO frustrated with trying to explain it that I pulled in Brendan Seagraves and explained it to him. He saw that it made perfect sense and then he explained it to BIll.. and only then did Bill "get it" and agree to put it in the game. Prem Kirshnan and I then worked on putting it together and coming up with the final components.

The Cutting Room Floor has a whole list of unused data and artwork in Serpent Isle, ranging from character portraits to unused items.


There's a list of people with names, jobs, locations and notes at Mike's RPG Center.

Several NPCs' portraits were modelled around real people as a result of the Immortality Contest. Chastain Dragon is one of these, and on his Serpent Isle page, he writes about how he became Flindo in Serpent Isle.


There are some Serpent Isle Pictures on the World of Ultima.

This is where to find box cover art:

Remakes and Engines

Using the Game

The Ophidian Alphabet can be found on the Ultima Web Archive.


Adrian Yau has written a walkthrough for Serpent Isle. It can be found:

Fallible Dragon has also written a walkthrough for Serpent Isle, which can be found:

Gary Thompson's walkthrough for the Silver Seed can be found at Bootstrike.

The Serpent Isle walkthroughs page at Bootstrike contains many other walkthroughs, including among others:

There's another Serpent Isle walkthrough in point form at Mike's RPG Center.

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