Dino's Complete Guide to
Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness


Table of Contents

List of Spells

a0PrayerVarious effects - see Prayer page at the Ultima 1 Guide (Gamer Corner Guides)
b1OpenOpens and disarms coffins in dungeons
c2UnlockOpens and disarms chests in dungeons
d3Magic MissileDamages monsters at range
e4StealNot available in the PC version; see Notes below.
f5Ladder DownIn dungeons, creates a ladder down to the level below.
g6Ladder UpIn dungeons, creates a ladder up to the level above.
h7BlinkTeleports to random location in dungeon or Mondain's lair
i8CreateCreates a barrier in a dungeon
j9DestroyDestroys a barrier in a dungeon
k10KillIf successful, destroys an enemy