Dino's Complete Guide to
Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness

Character Statistics

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IdOffsetNameAttribute Modifiers
a0Human+5 Intelligence
b1Elf+5 Agility
c2Dwarf+5 Strength
d3Bobbit+10 Wisdom
-5 Strength

Human: Endowed with a natural intellect higher than any other race, the humans are the backbone of Sosarian society. Found in all walks of life, they are strong of body and of unexcelled spirit.

Elf: Shorter than their human counterparts by the span of three hands, the elves of Sosaria are slight of build and swift of movement. Their superior natural agility makes them excellent musicians and clever thieves. At home amongst the trees of the deepest forest or in the alleyways of the capital, the Sosarian Elf makes a stalwart companion and a relentless foe.

Dwarf: Mountain fold and legendary miners, the dwarves of Sosaria stand but half a human’s height, yet often outweigh slender elves. They are matchless in courage and possess and inordinate endowment of natural strength. Never accept the Sosarian Dwarf’s challenge to wrestle for drinks in a tavern, unless thy supply of gold be endless and thy generosity ample.

Bobbit: A small and gentle race, the Sosarian Bobbits are believed to have come to our Realm from a distant place. They are said to favour mountainside meadows and the serenity of forest clearings. Their diminutive height being even less than that of a dwarf, they shun any task that involves hard, physical labour, preferring instead to pursuits of study and contemplation. Bobbits are naturally weak, yet possess a serenity indicative of profound wisdom.

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IdOffsetNameAttribute Modifiers
a0Fighter+10 Strength
+10 Agility
b1Cleric+10 Wisdom
c2Wizard+10 Intelligence
d3Thief+10 Agility

Fighter – The rigorous training involved in learning to become a fighter results in a stronger, more agile adventurer. The knowledge acquired during this period permits the fighter to use virtually every kind of weapon that might be found in Sosaria.

Cleric – A profession suited to those who are of an introspective nature, the study of the ways of the cleric requires patience and results in a good deal of wisdom. Such is their calm and concentration that at no time will the proper spell cast by a cleric fail to attain its desired result.

Wizard – To become a wizard in our Realm, one must study long and diligently, poring over ancient writings and dusty tomes. Mastery of the arcane arts comes not easily, yet such training hones the intellect to a superior edge! The fruits of the long years of discipline are deemed to be worth the effort, however, for only the wizard may purchase the necessary supplies for the casting of the more powerful enchantments.

Thief – Whilst not a profession held in the highest esteem among those charged with maintaining the public order, thieving is a trade that often serves the adventurer well. Many of the explorer’s finds are guarded by clever and devious traps that require nimble fingers and a dexterous hand. Larceny and the opening of locks comes much easier for the thief than for other mortals, for they who follow this occupation are endowed with exceptional agility.