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Ultima II - Revenge of the Enchantress


Ultima II sections on websites can be found:


Enemies from both the overworld and in dungeons are listed at at the RPG Classics Ultima 2 Shrine.

The main foe is Minax (Codex of Ultima Wisdom page).


The Ultima II Encore CD-ROM Game Manual is on the Ultima Web Archive.

Another Ultima II manual [TXT] used to be at Quill Dragon's Lair, but is now being hosted here since that site is no longer available.

File Format Information

The C64 tileset of Ultima 2 was extracted by Minstrel Dragon, who kindly agreed to have it hosted here at Dino's Ultima Page.


The following special items appear in Ultima 2:

Items left by slain enemies are listed at the RPG Classics Ultima 2 Shrine.


Maps of Earth can be found:

Space maps can be found:

There are Ultima II maps of all the planets and times at an Internet Archive snapshot of Virtues Dragon's Codex of Ultimate Wisdom.

A full set of Ultima 2 maps was created by Rikkles using Grid Cartographer in 2022. You can find these:

Plots and Summaries

Find out more about the story of Ultima II:


Fallible Dragon has written a walkthrough for Ultima 2. It can be found at the Ultima Web Archive.

Clues for finishing the game by Adric can be found in:


The CRPG Addict beat Ultima 2 in a single day in 2010. His single post (6th March 2010) about the game is far from flattering.

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