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Dino's Guide to Ultima VI - The False Prophet

Celebrating 21 Years


Belief Systems

Britannian Virtues

Principles: Truth, Love and Courage


Virtue Town MantraDungeon
Honesty Moonglow Ahm Deceit
Compassion Britain Mu Despise
Valor Jhelom Ra Destard
Justice Yew Beh Wrong
Sacrifice Minoc Cah Covetous
Honor Trinsic Summ Shame
SpiritualitySkara Brae Om Hythloth
Humility New MaginciaLum

Underlying principle: Infinity

You need the mantra and the rune of each virtue to free the corresponding shrine from the Gargoyle force field that binds it. Once that is done, you can medidate at the shrine (by talking to it), allowing party members to level up, and conferring different attribute increases depending on the virtue.

Gargoyle Virtues


Control Un Mondain
Passion Or Minax
DiligenceUs Exodus


Underlying principle: Singularity

Characters and Dialogue

Xenerkes Dragon's Ultima 6 headshots (Internet Archive) show all the portraits from Ultima VI.

You can download a zipped, half-done transcript of Ultima 6 from The Literal Ultima, a section of The Notable Ultima.

Taynith the Gypsy is Monica L. Knighton, according to Dr. Cat. Their friendship is part of Ultima 6 dialogue aside from being a real thing.


"Change of Guards" is a sample chapter from the English translation of Andrea Contato's book "Through the Moongate". It tells the story of Origin between the end of development of Ultima V until what happened after the release of Ultima VI.

The Digital Antiquarian's article about Ultima 6 discusses the game's development in detail, explaining how this was a transition period for the Ultima series in many ways.


The Ultima VI Encore CD-ROM Game Manual is available on the Ultima Web Archive.

The Ultima VI copy protection questions and answers are available on my copy protections document.

The stoeggl.com Ultima 6 C64 page contains copy protection answers, a C64 keyboard reference for Ultima 6, and manuals for Ultima 1-6 (in .WRI format).

File Formats

You may find information about the format of Ultima VI maps at one of the following locations:

There is an Ultima 6 world editor around along with its source code and file format information.

An Ultima 6 tileset that was once found at u6like is now available here at Dino's Ultima Page.


For general problems with Ultima 6, see a FAQ on the Other Codex (Internet Archive).

Gargoyle Language

All you need to know about the Gargish language can be found at Gargish Dragon's Ultima Page.

For a linguistic analysis of the Gargish language, see "Linguistic Asides: On Gargish" at Linguistic Dragon's Ultima Journeys.


There are some notes on Ultima 6 Magic at the Cheater's Guild Ultima Page (via the Internet Archive).

The Ultima Web Archive also contains some notes about magic coming from the manual.


You may download music [ZIP] from the music page on the Ultima Web Archive.

Ultima 6 music can also be found at Mysterious Sosaria.

The Ultima Files at the World of Ultima also include the Ultima 6 MIDI music.

The Ultima Digital Music Archive at Dor-Lomin has MP3s of the Ultima 6 music.

Remakes and Engines

The Ultima 6 Project

The Ultima VI Project - The remake of Ultima VI by Team Archon.

Several press releases leading up to the release of The Ultima 6 Project can be found in the Articles section of the Old News page at Dino's Ultima Page.

Captain XJ's YouTube channel contains a partial Let's Play of The Ultima 6 Project in the form of six videos with an average length of about 25 minutes each. Three of these videos are spent in Castle British, and the rest are spent vagabonding in Cove and getting lost in the wilderness. Nothing too exciting, but you can see some of the gameplay. A comment on the second video explains that the Let's Play was never finished due to hardware troubles.


Nuvie is a game engine for Ultima 6, Savage Empire and Martian Dreams allowing playability under various systems, just like Exult.

Ultima 6 Online

Ultima 6 Online is exactly what the name implies - the ability to play Ultima 6 online with friends.

Ultima 6 Remake for Exult

The Ultima 6 Remake for Exult is a remake of Ultima 6 as a mod for the Exult engine. It was completed in 2023.


There are a whole load of tools on IT-HE software. You may also download some saved games and patches of what people did with these tools.

You can also use a U6 editor.

If you want to explore the Ultima 6 map, download Ultimatrix.

Nuvie is be the engine with which to run Ultima 6, Martian Dreams and The Savage Empire on modern systems.

SirJohn has the following tools for Ultima 6:

Ergonomy Joe decompiled Ultima 6 and put the result on GitHub.


Here is a list of Ultima 6 walkthroughs:

Cedric Beust's Ultima 6 page has an annotated map of Britannia and various notes.


Ophidian Dragon at Blogging Ultima has also documented his journey through Ultima 6 in 2007.

The Let's Play Ultima 4, 5 and 6 by Nakar (2007) part of the Let's Play Archive, is a humorous visual walkthrough for Ultimas 4 to 6 (thanks to WyrdWeb for finding this).

The CRPG Addict played through Ultima 6 in 2014, and it is one of the games he has rated highest. The following is a list of posts that are part of his journey:

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