Dino's Guide to Ultima VI - The False Prophet


Unique Items


Ankh The Avatar's Ankh seems to be unique, and is a relic of old adventures. It does not seem to have any use in the game, though it is a symbol of life as well as of virtue.

Snake Amulet The Snake Amulet is Lord British's talisman with a lengthy history behind it. It was used to summon Lord British to Sosaria in the dark times of Akalabeth, and was used by Lord British to summon the Stranger through a blue moongate called Siege Perilous the first time. It was used in the time of the Shadowlords as a way past the darkness surrounding Dungeon Doom. It has no apparent use in Ultima VI.

Amulet of Submission The Amulet of Submission cannot be removed once worn. Lord Draxinusom gives it to the Avatar once he surrenders, and it is essential because the Avatar has all the Gargoyles' respect and cooperation, as well as assistance.

Important Unique Items

Orb of the Moons The Orb of the Moons was used by the gargoyles to summon the Avatar into a trap. Lord British had one, as you may recall if you finished Ultima V, so he will teach you how to use it if you tell him stone. This Orb can take you to many places, and you can bypass a large part of the plot by using it, so use it with care.

You can find out how to use the Orb of the Moons from:

Book of Prophecies The Book of Prophecies is a gargoyle book, obviously written in Gargish. It was formerly in the hands of the gargoyle priest that nearly killed the Avatar, but after his own death, the book passed into Iolo's hands. After Nystul directed the Avatar to Mariah at the Lycaeum to interpret its contents, and after the Avatar recovered the silver tablets to translate the Gargish, Mariah read the book which contained the prophecies of the gargoyles.

Magical Devices


There are eight types of potion, distinguished by their different colour. Potions can be randomly generated in a foe's inventory. The potions are:

White PotionWhiteX-Ray vision, but you cannot move while you are under the effects of the potion.
Black PotionBlackInvisibility
Red PotionRedLike dispel magic spell, and cures poison.
Yellow PotionYellowMinor healing
Green PotionGreenPoison
Blue PotionBlueAwaken
Purple PotionPurpleProtection
Orange PotionOrangeSleep


Gem When used, a gem grants the viewer a bird's-eye-view of his immediate surroundings. You can find:

Natreg Dragon tells me that by giving Lord British the book on the Wizard of Oz, he will give you all the gems you can carry.


Magic Fan Magic fans came from Utomo's island. In fact, he tells you that the lady of the island made the fans. Magic fans weigh 0.5 stones, and you can find:


All rings weigh 0.1 stones and do not glow. Only two rings can be worn by a single character at the same time. There are three types of magical rings:

Invisibility Ring Invisibility Rings make their bearer invisible. You can find:

Regeneration Ring Regeneration Rings seem useless to me, but I think that their use could be to heal their wearer over a period of time. You can find:

Protection Ring Protection Rings can absorb 5 points of damage. You can find:

Jee also points out that several rings can be found in the lower levels beneath Moonglow.


Wands are used for offensive striking using spells without using up mana. However, their charges finish eventually.

Yew Staff A Yew Staff can be purchased from Nicodemus near Yew for 100 gp and can be charged with any spell to be used whenever the caster is comfortable to use it, without draining mana. Each yew staff can be charged with up to ten spells using the Enchant spell. Since it is available for purchase, it is available at infinity. It weighs 2.5 stones and can do 4 points of damage. You can also find:

Lightning Wand A Lightning Wand weighs 0.5 stones and can do 30 points of damage. You can find:

Fire Wand A Fire Wand weighs 0.6 stones and can do 20 points of damage, which makes a lightning wand more convenient since it does more damage and weighs less. You will find:


Magic Weapons

Enchanted weapons obviously are more powerful than the regular ones.

Magic Bow Magic Bows are available for purchase in Britain for 300 gold crowns each. However if you can't afford it and still ask for it, Gwenneth will give you one free! The excellent rate of attack is 20 points of damage and it weighs 1 stone. It takes regular arrows. You can find:

Glass Sword Glass Swords are the ultimate killing device. They are no longer available for free as in Ultima V, however there are some running around here and there. The glass sword weighs 1.3 stones and does the maximum 255 points of damage, thus killing any creature with one blow. The only drawback is that it shatters once used, so you can only use a glass sword to kill a creature once. Do not use all the glass swords, as you must have at least one glass sword in your possession to finish Ultima VI because one must be given to Ephemerides so that he can make the Britannian Lens. You can find:

Additionally, Dale the glassblower in Minoc can make glass swords in exchange for five gems, as Crowley reports.


Body Armour

Magic Armour Magic Armour can be bought from Brandon, the Trinsic armourer, at 350 gold crowns. It weighs 7 stones and can absorb 10 points of damage. You can find:

Storm Cloak A Storm Cloak is the equivalent of Lord British's crown in Ultima V, i.e. it negates magic, with the little difference that it will vanish if you keep it on for too long. A Storm Cloak is not necessary to finish the game, but it is needed to finish the game following the plot. You need to give it to Homer in Buccaneer's Den. It weighs 0.5 stones and is the only magic protection that doesn't glow. You can find:


Magic Shield A Magic Shield weighs 3.5 stones and can absorb 5 points of damage. Gherick in Serpent's Hold can make a magic shield once from a gold nugget, a gem and a regular curved heather. Again they are not vital, but one is needed to finish the game following the plot. You need to give it to Morchella in Serpent's Hold for one of the map pieces. So far I have found:


Magic Helm Magic Helms glow, weigh 0.8 stones and can absorb 5 points of damage. They are available for purchase from Brandon, the Trinsic armourer, at 200 gold crowns. You can find:

A hint file by the Bushido, found on the Ultima Web Archive, is mostly about where to find good items.

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