Dino's Guide to Ultima VII - The Black Gate



The Digital Antiquarian's article on "Scientology and the Fellowship" is a detailed history of the Church of Scientology and explains how it served as the inspiration for The Fellowship in Ultima VII: The Black Gate.


Ultima 7 - The Black Gate sections on websites can be found:

The following are sites or parts of sites with information about Ultima 7: The Black Gate.


A list of manuals is at Bootstrike.

The Ultima VII copy protection questions and answers are available on my copy protections document.


There are some pictures of Lord British's castle and the Black Gate (Wayback Machine link) that used to be at The World of Ultima (now defunct).

Find more good screenshots about the whole game at Bootstrike.

Indie Gamer has a post about Ultima 7: The Black Gate. It includes a brief description of what the game is about, and a YouTube video in which she plays through the introduction and the first few minutes of the game.

Episode 56 of The Classic Gamers Guild Podcast covers "Ultima 7: how awesome is/was it?" (24th December 2019).


Downloads of Ultima 7 music can be found:

Also, check out this YouTube video of Raymond Benson playing the Love theme. Raymond Benson was the lead writer for Ultima 7.

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