Dino's Guide to
Ultima VIII - Pagan
A Journal of Pagan
Table of Contents
Compilation Notes
The Journal

Devon - directed me to Bentic in the library in East Tenebrae + allowed me to take his stuff

Docks - Toran executed for blasphemy and Lady Mordea went against the pact with Lithos and he was fed to the Lurker, Hydros, after being beheaded. His widow is Rhian.

Bentic - Directed me to Mythran on the Plateau + also suggested the Necromancer.

Cave - Had to jump on stepping stones and solve a lever puzzle. Had to pull all levers except those with a skull or skeleton. Cave crawling with ghouls. Then pulled lone lever to lower gates.

Plateau - Quite a few fire shrooms.

Mythran's traps - tunnel of traps - electrocuters and rolling spiked balls

Mythran - Lothian is current Necromancer, and should be succeeded by Vividos. Mythran knows much about history and magic. Mythran says that the Titans make leaving Pagan impossible, so he wants me to learn to master the Titans' powers. Directs me to Vividos to learn his magic. Necro's reside in the cemetery, east road from the city.

Necromancers - I spoke to a necromancer and promised him to get back the special dagger that Mordea stole. It' got a golden hilt and a serpentine blade, he says.

Palace - Aramina can only speak to me when she's at her home in East Tenebrae at Bloodwatch

Aramina - I convinced Aramina she won't get in trouble so she gave me the key. Off to the palace!

Palace - Took key from underneath skull pillow and with it opened Mordea's room. With Aramina's key opened storeroom door and locked chest. Took 'restore to sight' scroll and scroll of invisibility from chest and the ceremonial dagger from a small chest in the chest.

East Tenebrae - From Salkind's house took key from under vase in NW corner of living room. In SW bedroom took key from under towel on SE table. Pulled lever, then went NE and used keys to unlock door and chest. Chest was trapped, but contained 3 bags of 100 obsidian coins each, scroll of invisibility, scroll of healing, restore to sight scroll and scroll of restoration.

Vividos' Monastery - Give dagger to Vividos and watch Ceremony of Eternity. Vividos kills Lothian. He explains that a Scion is the Necromancer's apprentice. Vividos proposed me to be his apprentice and I accepted, so now he wants me to collect some reagents. Executioner's Hood from a place of danger and fallen sticks from a place where spirits roam - western Tenebrae. Ex. Hood - Black, leafy rare plant under a large tree between cemetery and Tenebrae.

Reagent search - Found several executioners' hoods somewhere SSE of cemetery (NE of ruined house with killer guard) guarded by changelings. Approaching East Tenebrae, a guard informed me that Bentic was executed for conducting forbidden research and Devon was arrested. I am under suspicion and observation.

Devon - Went to palace undergrounds and pulled lever to get to Devon. He wants me to find out what's going on. So now I have 2 quests - to find the wood for Vividos and to interrogate Salkind.

East Tenebrae - Spoke to Salkind. Said Bentic was conducting forbidden research. Mentions log book. Log book says his research is in the dungeon evidence chamber...

Mythran - Bought secret door scroll


Palace Dungeons - Used Mythran's scroll to open the way to the evidence chamber. Read Bentic's Journal and discovered that Devon is the true Tempest and Mordea is just a second born. Was caught and taken on the docks by three guards to watch Devon's execution.

Docks - I said that Devon was the rightful heir and I said I had proof. I explained what I read and Salkind said he locked the book away. Mordea threw him in the sea. Mordea admitted and ordered to proceed with the execution. Shaana and Darion would not kill Devon, so she fulminated them, and then killed the guards and fulminated me also. Devon and Mordea dueled in Tempestry and Devon threw her in the sea. Devon said he'd leave, so he jumped on the water and walked away on the water.

West Tenebrae - Took 1 wooden stick from next to a smashed house in the north.

Vividos - Got him the reagents. Gave me Key of the Caretaker, says to get to the catacombs I need the Open Ground spell, which is in the library. Go N of the monastery to a small hall and cast Open Ground on the rock face. I also need Death Speak to speak to the dead Necromancers, also in the library.

Upper Catacombs - Went through some gates and levers, and finally fell through a hole to the lower catacombs.

Lower Catacombs - Spoke to 1st Necromancer using Death Speak, who taught me Mask of Death. Bentos, Necro 2, taught me Rock Flesh.


Lower Catacombs - Necromancer 3 taught me Summon Undead. He teleported me then.

New Plateau - Necromancer 4 taught me Grant Peace and teleported me somewhere else.

New Place - Went to a throne in a small room and was teleported again.

Other New Place - Took magic armour from a plateau. West of there, had to cross lava and be teleported again.

Even Newer Place - 5th Necro spoke of Galious, the next necro that will allow me to speak with Lithos. He also taught me Withstand Death and teleported me away.

4th New Place - 6th Necromancer, Galious, taught me Create Golem. Said to seek out Stone Cove. Through catacombs. Went through nearby cave opening and came back to Upper Catacombs.

Upper Catacombs - Went south and came to door leading to Upper Catacombs 2.

Upper Catacombs 2 - At the end, found a cave. This is Stone Cove. I'm close to Lithos!

Stone Cove - Created Golem and made it open the doors of the Hall of the Mountain King, after which I entered and left the Golem behind.

Hall of the Mountain King - had to climb through a building to activate a disappearing bridge... then had to jump on moving ledges - 4 platforms in all.


Hall of the Mountain King - Next had to jump some fading platforms. At least 6. With 2 rocky intervals. No, 8 with 3 intervals. Had to face a long and hard forcefield maze after. From a chest at the end of the forcefields, I took a key that would unlock a previous door, plus the Gem of Protection that did not let forcefields hurt me. Found more water, thus another stone-to-stone 'puzzle'. This time the stepping stones sank and rose continuously. I found it easier to leap west and walk the shore to destination. After having to retrieve another key from under a potion in a chest to unlock a nearby door, I have come to more of those moving ledges. Here we go again... Activated a Recall Pad... Then spoke to Lithos! He told me to inter Lothian, something that Vividos would teach me, and he told me not to come back before I become Necromancer. I recalled to the Plateau since I hadn't activated the Recall Pad on the Palace in Central Tenebrae.

Central Tenebrae - Activated Recall Pad on Palace

Cemetery - Spoke to Vividos. Gave me the Key of the Scion and told me to inter Lothian with it. Her body is in the Northeast of the building. Found her body right northeast of the monastery within the fence. When I used the Key of the Scion on Lothian, the Earth swallowed her. My task is complete. Vividos thus made me the Scion and told me to make my pilgrimage. I must go to the birthplace of Moriens. It is accessed from the Upper Catacombs, and I must seek signs. Like The Pit of Death. It never ends, yet another quest.

Upper Catacombs - Got in with another Open Ground spell. Opened a locked door with the Key of the Scion. Near the door was a plaque reading "Towards fate do you travel". It led to a body with a Zealan Mythology book and the doors to a Zealan Shrine.

Zealan Shrine - passed 2 rolling spiked balls. Lever puzzle - pulled left and top-left ones and fence lowered revealing chest with key which I took. Following a path I found the Skull of Quakes in a trapped chest. Also had to avoid fire shooters to get there. Went back to before levers to a northern branch to brave the fence maze. Went on raised walkway and jumped out of it.


Zealan Shrine - Had to pass another rolling spikeball and leap over a water pit. Then cast Open Ground with the reagents found and a piece of floor gave way. Thus I came to a lower cave. After a small journey, I had to throw a rolling sphere at a lower corner of a raised platform to open a gate. Had to do it while standing on a skull. Took 2 keys and some reagents. Had to jump over a light beam. Beam caused quakes. Passed another fire shooter and came to the stair puzzle.


Zealan Shrine - When I completed a staircase in the middle, the wall in front of it lowered and there were two beams - a red lower beam and a blue upper beam, blocking the way. Going into them meant immediate death. Thus I call these the death beam. Had to cast Rock Flesh to pass them. Came to a hall, probably a Zealan temple. A key was hidden under a skeleton on the front-right broken bench. With it I unlocked a door just outside the temple and another door it led to. Went back to before the Marble Gate Puzzle, near the entrance to the lower cave, and unlocked doors and took a Zealan ceremonial shield. Went back to the temple and placed the Zealan ceremonial shield on the altar. The Zealan gods' statues spoke to me. They want me to get them a pyramid-shaped piece of blackrock from the doors behind them - the tomb of Khumash-Gor. I opened the locked doors using Mythran's secret door scroll. Ran around the throne room to avoid the ghost's deadly ghost heads and took a keyring and the obelisk tip from two different small chests behind the throne room. At last I prepared a Grant Peace and cast it on the ghost. The figure on the throne exploded and the ghost died (vanished), leaving behind 29 obsidian coins and the Scimitar of Khumash-Gor. Went back to the statues of the gods, who told me the blackrock item (obelisk tip) would unlock the power within me - the power of the Fifth Element. They said I must become the Titan of Ether, and learn the powers of the other Titans to stand at their height and be even above them. They want me to seek out Stratos, Hydros and Pyros. They said Hydros dwells in her underground cave or whatever, and the other two live on the surface. Left the Shrine.

Upper Catacombs - found a red hole somewhere southeast of the entrance to the Zealan Shrine. Used the Skull of Quakes on it. The pillars east of it were destroyed revealing a hole. The eyes of the skull started to glow and I took it back. I went through a door in the hole and activated a Recall Pad.

Upper Catacombs 2 - I went through all the way to the bridges, and unlocked the door to the east after the second bridge with the Key of the Scion. Went through a passage.

Argentrock Isle - After crossing a wooden bridge and coming to Argentrock Isle, I activated a Recall Pad to the northwest. Found a small village. Spoke to Brother Xavier and told him I wish to be enlightened. He mentioned the two tests of Wisdom and Centeredness. Read every book at the monastery southwest of Xavier (to his left) and took the test. Questions had nothing to do with the spellbooks of the monastery. After passing the first test of five questions, I must make the second test - going on a high rock at the Windy point and resist the winds. This is a little behind the monastery, at the air symbol. It took about 20 seconds resisting the wind, and I passed it. When I told Xavier, he told me to talk to Stellos. Also, he gave me the title of Initiate. Instead of being at Windy point like Xavier told me, Stellos was at his house southwest of Xavier's. Stellos says I need silver to construct the Foci, devices that channel Stratos's power. Silver is found in the catacombs, and after I find it I must take it to Korick the blacksmith in Tenebrae to fashion the Foci. Then I must take it to the Altar of Focus and invoke Stratos or something so she can fill it with power. He gave me a key.


Argentrock Isle - I went down the stairs on the rear of the monastery.

Silver Mine - Used the silver mine key that Stellos gave me to open the door south and east of the catacomb entrance. One piece of silver ore was just south of the door, touching a wall, a few steps from the door. South and east from there were electric gates. The passage branched north and east. North was a fire shooter. Actually more than one. The east and north branches were actually connected. South from the east branch was another piece of silver ore by a spitter. East from the north branch, and slightly to the north was a building. Using Mythran's secret door scroll, I discovered a secret door on the east side of the building. There on an altar was Protector, a magic sword. On the other side of the cavern room, before the south passage, was a third piece of silver ore. Along the south passage, there was a narrow passage leading to a cavern room with loads of silver ore. A skeleton there had four death disks. Potions and healing scrolls all around the Catacombs. There were 5 pieces of silver ore in the cavern room. So now I have 8 pieces of silver and I get out of the cavern room. I can go back, but I'm curious to see what's beyond the south passage. A ninth piece was by the west wall of the passage by some rocks. The passage ends, so I can turn my tail. I recall to the palace in Central Tenebrae.

Central Tenebrae - Devon returned! He was in his room. He had nothing interesting to tell me. Headed to East Tenebrae.

East Tenebrae - Sold my gems and got to know Rhian, widow of Toran and mother of Torwin, my rival Theurgist Initiate. Heading to West Tenebrae to seek Korick the Blacksmith.


West Tenebrae - At Shaana's house, in her room, there is a key under the black book which opens the trapped chest which has an axe, a dark diamond and 7 obsidian coins. Blacksmith's shop is like west of Shaana's house. The blacksmith was open at Bloodwatch. Told Korick to make me a focus of a pointed hand, a bracer, a chain and a fist. Recalled to Argentrock.

Argentrock Isle - Read the book of Air Walk. Recalled to Central Tenebrae.

Central Tenebrae - Went to West Tenebrae.

West Tenebrae - Told Korick to make me more foci - closed eye, open eye, sextant and open hand. Now I have all the Foci and I recall to Argentrock Isle.

Argentrock Isle - I placed each focus on the Altar of Focus. The open hand focus became the Restoration Focus, the open hand focus became the Healing Touch Focus, the fist focus became the Intervention Focus, the closed eye focus became the Fade From Sight focus, the chain focus became the Hear Truth Focus, the open eye became the Reveal Focus, the bracer focus became the Aerial Servant Focus and the sextant focus became the Divination Focus. I told Stellos I constructed my Foci and he told me to return to the caverns under the monastery and he said I will know what to do when I get there.

Silver Mine - to the west, after a jump across the water, was a Wounded Torax. I cast Healing Touch on it and it healed, then disappeared. I could not leave from where I came, so I recalled to Argentrock.

Argentrock Isle - Stellos told me that Brother Xavier lost his healing focus. I spoke to Xavier. Both fear it was stolen. Xavier says Torwin is doing strange things and seems he can't pass the third test, and is trying to hear the Mystic Voice without it. Spoke to Cyrrus - he says he hasn't seen Torwin. With the spell of Hear Truth, I found out he knows where Torwin is. He suspects Torwin stole the focus. He went to Windy Point. Found Torwin who said he only borrowed the focus. He wants it for his father. He wants to resurrect Toran, his father, and bring him back from the Pit of Death. He doesn't believe that his father's with the Lurker, then throws down the Focus and a ring and jumps into the water. What a suicide! The ring is Torwin's ring. I gave Xavier the healing focus, but instead of his, he took mine! Stellos says I have one final test and I shall become a full Adept. I must go to Windy Point between two black pillars and take a leap of faith. Then I shall hear the Mystic Voice. I went between the two sort-of stalagmites and jumped out to sea, but came on a rock! Seems Stratos is giving me Air Walk power! I made a huge jump to reach the rock, now I must make my way over those flying rocks.

Stratos' Ledge - When I reached the last rock, wind dropped me and took me near the Titan of Air. She's like a white tornado. She wants to reward me! She mentions the Breath of Wind. She says she "touches her children" with it. Only Stellos knows its location. She gave me the Air Walk Focus and put me back on the final ladge. Before, she said that to take the Breath of Wind meant to sever the link with her children, and that many would die. Now I am an Adept, as Stratos herself called me. Recalled to Central Tenebrae.

Central Tenebrae - Heading to East Tenebrae

East Tenebrae - I told Rhian about Torwin's ring, she said his father gave it to him for his 16th birthday, and Torwin would never take it off. I told her the truth - he committed suicide trying to resurrect his father, and she started sobbing as usual. These women...

Cemetery - Took reagents from Vividos's library. Recalled to Upper Catacombs.

Upper Catacombs - Heading to Upper Catacombs 2. Must master the magic of the element of water now.

Upper Catacombs 2 - Again went south and crossed the skeleton pit. And again came to the bridges. Went through the narrow passage and jumped the lava pit, went through another narrow passage and came to an electric gate. Went through and went south to a gate. Pulled switch to lower gate and unlocked door with Key of the Scion. Through the cave opening was Carthax Lake.

Carthax Lake - Just east was the Recall Pad - I activated it. South was a bridge where I got to the centre plateau, and there was a sort of lake. I followed the shoreline. I came to a white bridge leading to a white platform. A huge tentacle emerged from the waters. It was Hydros. Hydros says she is trapped and she cannot give me Tempestry as she is. She says I must 'open the ground next to the gravestone of my captor's beloved, releasing the waters on the Cliffside.' Where the southern wall went west, I came to a cave. I ran past a troll, to a second cave. Found another troll near a fire to the west, and killed him by making him come through the fire to get me. Magic arm guards and cash around. Went back east and took north branch. Climbed over a wall where it had a spike missing. More to the north was a wall with a gate and two levers. The south lever lowered the gate so I climbed through it and got on the other side of the wall. Past another troll was a gate which lowered automatically. I followed the path south, west and south from the gate. I killed a ghost and a ghoul and found a chest (I had to lower a gate with a lever) with potions, food and death disks. Went back to the branch and went north instead. The path went east through ghouls and a ghost to another cave. North was the tomb of Alexis. I cast Open Ground, the ground cracked and a waterfall appeared. I recalled back to Carthax Lake. Where there was a pit is now filled with water. A storm took place. I spoke to Hydros. She will not respect the pact, and wants me to consider her sparing me as payment. She says she will slay the descendant of her captor. She spoke of Devon! So that is why Tempests have a hereditry water power! They draw upon the captured Hydros! I recalled back to Central Tenebrae.

Central Tenebrae - Spoke to Devon. He is now powerless since the Lurker is free. He mentioned that the land might flood as in the times of Kalen and the Zealans. Kalen is Hydros' captor. He suggested I go to the Sorcerers. I recall to Carthax Lake.

Carthax Lake - I entered Upper Catacombs 2.

Upper Catacombs 2 - North was an electric gate. After it was a narrow passage. Following the wall east, I came to a big wall with 2 metal walls. On the west wall was a switch. When I used it, a secret door in the wooden wall lowered. I unlocked the next door with the Key of the Scion. I entered a cave.

Lava Pit Hall - At the lava west, Beren warned me not to anger the Enclave. Then he teleported away. I cast Air Walk and jumped to where Beren first was from the western tip. I went around the south 'shoreline' of the island and jumped over to land. There was water on this other side! I went east to the end, crossed the water and went west a long way, and climbed on this higher ground. It led to a cave, which I entered.

Daemon's Crag - There's actually a road here! The first branch east took to a Recall Pad, which I activated. Wow! A village! A branch west took to Bane's house. She's an Acolyte and she mentioned Morgaelin when I spoke to her. She wants to call me Daemion. It means Fire of the Sky. Bane is not her Truename. She mentioned the Tongue of Flame, with which Pyros himself is commanded. Acolytes, she says, are the Sorcerers that the 'Master' calls upon for help. Morgaelin means Dark Jewel, and is the mountain or volcano upon the island, Morgaelin. The place is called Daemon's Crag, named after the story that the first Daemon appeared there. Gorgrond, Beren, Vardion and Bane are all Acolytes. Sabriane is Bane's Truename, means Well of Stars. She wants me to acquire Vardion's trust and Truename. West was the house of Vardion, the First Acolyte. He says his grandmother is Mordra! The Master is Malchir, leader of the Enclave. Morduin is Vardion's Truename. He also named me Daemion and wants me to find out Bane's Truename. Who shall I side with? Both suspect each other of wanting to kill Malchir to become Master Sorcerers... I chose to side with Bane. I told her Vardion's Truename - Morduin, meaning Dark Flame. She summoned a daemon and ordered it in Pyros' name that it kills Morduin. Malchir questioned the meaning of the daemonic presence he sensed. Bane said Vardion was planning to kill Malchir, but he got angry and said he needed an Acolyte for the Ritual of Fire. Bane suggested me. She told me to study at the library and gave me the key. At Vardion's house, I took all the reagents and foci I could. West and south of Vardion's was the Hall of Sorcerers or something, and in that building was the library. Read all the spellbooks and went back to Bane. She was at Vardion's house.


Daemon's Crag - Took the test. I prepared Flame Bolt, Flash and Endure Heat successfully. Bane told me to seek out the Master in the Obsidian Fortress. I passed test 1. The doors to the Obsidian Fortress opened automatically when I approached them.

Obsidian Fortress - Malchir appeared and made two stone daemons living! I ran past them down stairs to a new area. Another daemon was there, but I spoke to him. He is Arcadion, the only daemon Sorcerer. When I said I was from Earth, he said that his kin are considered as unholy or servants of an evil being! I prepared Extinguish and Ignite on Arcadion's pentacle first. Also made Banish Daemon and Armor of Flames. Went on sort-of pad and was teleported away.

Tests Area - Retreived the 4 symbols, Flame Sting and a magic daemon shield. Also killed a mad sorcerer and found a couple of Summon Daemons around. The magic daemon shield had the power of Armor of Flames, and seemed better. Went back to starting point and was teleported back to Arcadion.

Obsidian Fortress - Arcadion told me to go back on the platform which would now take me to Malchir. And so it did.

Malchir's Inner Sanctum - Malchir told me to cast Flame Bolt, Explosion and Summon Daemon on him. After I banished his daemon, and I was teleported to the Ritual of Fire.

Ritual of Fire - I did like the others and Malchir summoned Pyros. Pyros didn't want to do as Malchir wanted, so Malchir sent Pyros back using the Tongue of Flame, then teleported the other Acolytes away and praised me, then teleported himself away. I believed he wanted to ask Pyros to bring the sun back.

Daemon's Crag - Went to Obsidian Fortress again.

Obsidian Fortress - Went to Malchir.

Malchir's Inner Sanctum - Malchir attacked me and I killed him and took the Tongue of Flame from him.

Daemon's Crag - As the Master Sorcerer, I made Bane my First Acolyte. Then I went on the Great Pentacle with the Tongue of Flame and Fire Storms started. I picked up the Tongue of Flame again. The Recall Item no longer works.

Lava Pit Hall - I had to cross through here again since I can't Recall. Cast Air Walk again to jump the lava.

Upper Catacombs 2 - Made my way to Stone Cove.

Stone Cove - Opened another door with the Key of the Scion. Went through.

Pit of the Dead - Followed the north branch, went through several traps, got the Key of the Conventicler and went back to the entrance. Taking the west branch, I came to the Conventicle of the Dead. Inside this building was a rectangle of dirt and a gravestone. I cast Open Ground and found the Heart of Earth! Went back out.

Stone Cove - Went back out.

Upper Catacombs 2 - Made my way back.

Upper Catacombs - To the Cemetery...

Cemetery - For some strange reason that I am thankful for, the Recall Item now works. I Recalled to Mythran's.

Plateau - I showed Mythran the Tongue of Flame and he made a book appear. After reading it, I told him that I want to recreate the obelisk. I bought the Ethereal spell from him. I then recalled to the palace.

Central Tenebrae - I told Devon I need the Blackrock Tear of the Seas. He then remembered he had fished something similar. So he gave me the key to the chest in his study and allowed me to take the Fragment. The key is called Devon's Key. So I took the Tear of the Seas. Now for the Breath of Wind! Recall to Argentrock...

Argentrock Isle - I couldn't find Stellos to ask him where the Breath of Wind is, so I went to Windy Point, cast Air Walk, jumped and made my way to Stratos.

Stratos' Ledge - Stratos still doesn't want to give me the Breath of Wind. So I'll take it myself! I cast Reveal and it appeared on the Northern rock as the Breath of Air, on a pedestal. I cast Aerial Servant to get it. Now I've got all 5 Blackrock items and I can leave Pagan. I must cast Ethereal Travel. I did it.

Ethereal Plane - I came to the Ethereal Void. There is a big silver pentacle in the middle. I went north through a sort-of door.

Water Plane - West were stepping stones. They led Northwest. Then I went South and crossed a bridge (I cast Flash to get over a stepping stone), it was broken. Another broken bridge from the end of the first went west. After more broken bridges, I came to the white bridge leading to the white platform. When I came to the platform, Hydros attacked me with lightning, but I used the Tear of the Seas on her and she re-emerged into the waters and I was teleported back to the Ethereal Plane.

Ethereal Plane - Now I went west.

Fire Plane - I went North and Northwest, then jumped the lava. North was a strange apparatus. Back south and east, past a bridge, at the very eastern tip, was another bridge. Far north was a small shrine. Behind was another Flame Sting, and there in a chest were 10 white spheres. Back to the apparatus, I put a sphere on each glowing square. Steps appeared in the lava. They sank back after I stepped on them and left them. Northeast, North then Northwest was Pyros. He summoned 2 daemons, but I used the Tongue of Flame on him and he sank back into the flame whence he came.

Ethereal Plane - I went south this time.

Air Plane - I came onto a plateau. North were stones that I made my way across. They led North, where Stratos was, and I used the Breath of Air on her.

Ethereal Plane - I went East to face the final Titan.

Earth Plane - I came to a cavern. The only followable path led to lava. There was an invisible walkway above the lava, but I cast Endure Heat and jumped down. After a small passage was another lava pit. I walked along the outer ridge and got on the other side. After a passage, I came to Lithos. He summoned 2 golems, but I used the Heart of Earth on him and he withered away.

Ethereal Plane - I placed the Tear on the North, the Tongue on the West, the Breath on the South and the Heart on the east points of the Pentacle. I placed the Obelisk Tip on the Aphelion and used it on myself and felt very powerful, then used it and lightning destroyed the fragments and a black obelisk or black gate emerged. I entered it and finished the game!


By Dino the Dark Dragon on Fr 28-6-2002

Necromantic Spells
Day learned Learned from Spell Reagents Incantation
Day 2 Call Quakes bone, wood, dirt, blackmoor
Open Ground blood, blackmoor Des Por Ylem
Death Speak blood, bone Kal Wis Corp
Necro 1 Mask of Death wood, executioner's hood Quas Corp
Necro 2 Rock Flesh wood, dirt Rel Sanct Ylem
Day 3 Necro 3 Summon Undead blood, bone, wood Kal Corp Xen
Necro 4 Grant Peace executioner's hood, blackmoor In Vas Corp
Necro 5 Withstand Death wood, dirt, blackmoor Vas An Corp
Necro 6 Create Golem blood, bone, wood, dirt, blackmoor In Ort Ylem Xen
Theurgic Spells
Day learned Spell Focus Incantation
Day 6 Fade from Sight a closed eye Quas An Lor
Reveal an open eye Ort Lor
Hear Truth resembles a chain An Quas Lor
Intervention resembles a fist In Sanct An Jux
Divination resembles a sextant In Wis
Healing Touch a pointing hand In Mani
Aerial Servant represents an arm band Kal Ort Xen
Restoration resembles an open hand Vas In Mani
Air Walk represents wings Vas Hur Por
The Sorcery Pentagram
Sorcery Spells (as found in books)
Day 8

Spell: Armor of Flames
Runes: Vas Sanct Flam
Red Candles: Both Perivolcanae and Mesostel Ze
Reagents: Ash at Mesostel Pa, Obsidian at both Perivolcanae, Iron at the Aphelion, Brimstone at Mesostel Ze

Spell: Create Fire
Runes: In Flam Ylem
Red Candles: Both Mesostelae
Reagents: Ash at both Mesostelae, Pumice at Perivolcan Ze, Obsidian at Perivolcan Pa

Spell: Banish Daemon
Runes: An Flam Corp Xen
Red Candles: Both Perivolcanae, Mesostel Ze, and the Aphelion
Reagents: Ash at Mesostel Pa, Pumice at Mesostel Ze, Iron at both Perivolcanae, Daemon Bone at the Aphelion

Spell: Flash
Runes: Flam Por
Red Candles: Both Perivolcanae and the Aphelion
Reagents: Ash at both Mesostelae, Pumice at the Aphelion

Spell: Flame Bolt
Runes: In Ort Flam
Red Candles: Perivolcan Ze, Mesostel Pa, and the Aphelion
Reagents: Ash at Mesostel Pa, Pumice at Perivolcan Ze, Iron at Mesostel Ze

Spell: Endure Heat
Runes: Sanct Flam
Red Candles: Both Perivolcanae
Reagents: Obsidian at both Perivolcanae, Iron at the Aphelion

Spell: Explosion
Runes: Vas Ort Flam
Red Candles: Perivolcan Pa, Mesostel Ze, and the Aphelion
Reagents: Ash at Mesostel Ze, Pumice at Perivolcan Pa, Iron at Mesostel Pa, Brimstone at the Aphelion

Spell: Ignite
Runes: In Flam
Red Candles: Aphelion
Reagents: Ash at the Aphelion, Pumice at both Perivolcanae

Spell: Summon Daemon
Runes: Kal Flam Corp Xen
Red Candles: Both Perivolcanae, Mesostel Pa, and the Aphelion
Reagents: Ash at Mesostel Ze, Pumice at Mesostel Pa, Obsidian at both Perivolcanae, Daemon Bone at the Aphelion

Spell: Extinguish
Runes: An Flam
Red Candles: All black
Reagents: Pumice at both Perivolcanae and the Aphelion

Day 9

Spell: Conflagration
Runes: Kal Vas Flam Corp Xen
Red Candles: All red
Reagents: Ash at Mesostel Ze, Pumice at Perivolcan Ze, Obsidian at Perivolcan Pa, Iron at Mesostel Pa, Brimstone at the Aphelion, Daemon Bone at both Perivolcanae and the Aphelion

Sorcery Foci
Day 9

Pentagram Symbol - Ignite and Extinguish
Metal Wand - Ignite, Extinguish, Flash, Flame Bolt
Rod - Ignite, Extinguish, Flash, Flame Bolt, Endure Heat, Fire Shield, Armor of Flames
Staff - Ignite, Extinguish, Flash, Flame Bolt, Endure Heat, Fire Shield, Armor of Flames, Create Fire, Explosion
Daemon Talisman - Summon Daemon, Banish Daemon, Conflagration