Dino's Guide to
Ultima VIII - Pagan
The Grace of Theurgy

Theurgy is the magic that allows a Theurgist to use the air to perform helpful deeds. Therefore, all Theurgy spells are either healing spells or utility spells. The magic is channelled directly through Stratos, and no reagents are required. All that is needed is a focus and the caster's magical capability. The focus must be made from pure silver ore by Korick, the blacksmith in West Tenebrae, and the focus must then be charged on an Altar of Focus. This will result in an inert piece of shaped silver being transformed into a magical focus, which may then be used to cast spells. The caster also plays an important part in casting, as it is his mana that is drained when the spell is cast.


When the foci are charged on an Altar of Focus, they become magical and can be used whenever the caster wants. Each focus weighs 1.

Divination Divination - the sextant focus allows the caster to orient himself, and with it he will know his current location, time, day and month, as well as how long he has been on Pagan. Details:

Healing Touch Healing Touch will heal 8-16 hit points from the targeted person or creature. Details:

Aerial Servant Aerial Servant, as the name suggests, will call forth a useful aerial servant to serve the caster. This servant can manipulate objects, and will serve as well as the old Telekinesis spell did. The aerial servant can move objects on the other side of a wall, and it can open chests and bring objects to the caster. However, it cannot carry a solid object through a solid wall. Details:

Reveal Reveal will have the same effect as a Restore to Sight scroll, dispelling invisibility from invisible objects around the caster. Details:

Restoration Restoration will restore a living being to full health. Details:

Fade from Sight Fade from Sight - just as a closed eye cannot see, the Fade from Sight will hide the caster from sight of most mortal beings. The spell lasts for 2 to 3 minutes, but the duration is proportional to the caster's intelligence. Details:

Air Walk Air Walk - with this spell, Stratos will grant the air to carry the caster further than he could normally jump. Korick cannot make this focus; the spell is cast automatically the first time when the aspiring Theurgist takes his leap of Faith. The focus is then obtained from Stratos herself. Details:

Hear Truth Hear Truth will make the caster hear not only what a person says, but also what the person really means, if he is lying. Details:

Intervention Intervention will protect the caster from all physical and magical damage, but will not save him from water or lava. Details: