Dino's Guide to
Ultima VIII - Pagan




Red Red - fully restores your health unless you are completely healthy, in which case your hit points may be reduced drastically.

Yellow Yellow - restores 10-12 hit points.

Orange Orange - increases mana by 10-12 points.

Green Green - a green potion is a classic, as it always was poison. In Ultima 8, however, there isn't the poisoning like in previous Ultimas where you lose hit points continuously until cured. Here, you lose 10-12 hit points once when you drink the green potion.

Blue Blue - puts you to sleep for a few seconds. However, you do not sleep long enough to restore health or mana, as you would when sleeping in a bed or bedroll.

Purple Purple - makes you invulnerable for 60-90 seconds.

Black Black - makes you invisible for 60-90 seconds.

Regular Weapons

Axe Axe

Dagger Dagger

Hammer Hammer

Mace Mace

Sabre Sabre

Scimitar Scimitar

Sword Sword

Magical Weapons

All magic weapons weigh just 1 point.

Bone Crusher Bonecrusher

Deceiver Deceiver

Scimitar of Khumash-Gor Scimitar of Khumash-Gor

Korghin's Fang Korghin's Fang

Blade of Striking Blade of Striking

Protector Protector

Flame Sting Flame Sting

Slayer Slayer


Bottle type of oil flask Pot type of oil flaskFlask of oil - there are two types of oil flask. One looks like a bottle and the other is a grey pot. Either way, these are molotov cocktails - a container of oil with a paper coming out of the neck which is lit to make the oil explode. The grey pot kind looks like the homemade grenades you could make in The Savage Empire, and more powerful than the bottle type. The bottle type does 5-20 damage, while the pot type does 20-32 damage.

Fire Gem Fire gem - this is an explosive gem, unleashing an explosion of what looks like lava shortly after being activated, and does 5-20 damage.

Chaos Gem Chaos gems are not explosive, but instead are containers of explosives. When activated, a chaos gem will throw out three or four fire gems, readily activated, which in turn explode shortly.

Chaos Gem Death disks are explosive disks that can be thrown by targeting it at something, and do 5-20 damage.

Regular Armour

Note: Fire attacks cut the amount of armour points in half.


All helmets weigh 3 points.

A Leather Cap is listed in the cluebook as adding 1 to armour, but it does not seem to exist in the game.

Chain Coif adds 2 to armour.

Open faced Helm adds 2 to armour.

Crested Helm adds 3 to armour.

Great Helm adds 4 to armour.


All armour, excluding clothes, weigh 5 points.

Chain Hauberk adds 3 to armour.

Breastplate adds 4 to armour.

Cuirbolli (hard leather jerkin with Kidney belt) adds 2 to armour.

Clothes add 1 to armour and weigh 2 points.

Arm Guards / Gauntlets

All arm guards / gauntlets weigh 2 points.

Leather arm guards add 1 to armour.

Chain arm guards add 2 to armour.

Plate gauntlets add 3 to armour.


Type Armour Bonus Weight
Leather Leggings Leather leggings 1 3
Plate Mail Leggings Plate mail leggings 2 3


Type Armour Bonus Weight
Shield (buckler) Shield (large) 4 4
Shield (round) Shield (small) 3 4

Magical Armour

All magical armour weighs only 1 point, except for the Magic Shield, which weighs 2.

Magic Helm Magic Helm

Magic Armour (Silver) Magic Armour (Silver)

Magic Armour (Orange) Magic Armour (Orange)

Magic Gauntlets Magic Gauntlets

Magic Leggings Magic Leggings

Daemon Shield Daemon Shield

Unique Items

Common Items

KeyringA keyring is handy for reducing the clutter and weight involved with carrying many keys. A keyring can be used directly on a door (using the 'K' hotkey in the patched version of the game, or using the mouse), and if the right key is available, the door will be unlocked. Keys on a keyring also do not have any weight, whereas loose ones do. Although only up to four keys show on the keyring, you can have as many as you want on it. The earliest keyring is in a barrel at the docks (patched version) or in a barrel in the southeast corner of the top floor of the palace in Tenebrae (unpatched version, spotted by gibberishh).

Zealan Ceremonial ShieldZealan Ceremonial Shield is a special shield made by the Zealans to speak with their gods. Putting this shield on an altar will allow you to speak to the Zealan gods. There are only two in existence, and bear the symbols of the major three gods (one is at the Zealan Shrine and the other is at Mythran's), but some screenshots seem to prove that there would have been a third shield in the Lost Vale, split into two and bearing the symbols of the other three lesser gods.

Blue vial Blue vial is an object which appears to have no particular use. See The Blue Vial section in the Mysteries page.

Magical Items

Recall Item Recall Item is in Mythran's possession, and he gives it to you along with a healing potion. Thanks to the Recall Item, you can teleport instantly to any activated Recall Pad throughout Pagan. However, you must first activate these Recall Pads by going near them, before you can actually teleport to them. The Recall Item does not seem to work in Daemon's Crag, the Obsidian Fortress and all the elemental Planes in the unpatched version, while the patch seems to allow its use anywhere but in the Obsidian Fortress.

Skull of Quakes Skull of Quakes Receptacle Skull of Quakes is in a chest at the upper level of the Zealan Shrine, and is placed in a pulsating red hole in the Upper Catacombs to make a quake that destroys some nearby pillars, revealing the way to a Recall Pad. The Skull of Quakes is also mentioned in a letter from Mordea to a certain Lieutenant Vittek, which seems to explain that they were trying to hide it away.

Gem of Protection Gem of Protection or, as it is alternatively labelled in the patched version, blue field passage gem, is in a chest beyond the blue field maze, in the Hall of the Mountain King. This allows its bearer to pass through the blue force fields unharmed, allowing you to avoid making your way back through the maze but rather allows you to just run back.

Ceremonial Dagger Ceremonial Dagger is hidden away by Mordea in a chest in the closet by her bedroom, and Aramina has the key to both the closet door and the chest. When returned to Vividos, this dagger is used in the Ceremony of Eternity, in which he kills Lothian, as has been done from one Necromancer to the next.

Morphing Object Morphing object is a magical item which continuously changes shape between cube, sphere and tetrahedron, and labelled differently during each change. Located within Mythran's abode, this apparently is an easter egg for Electronic Arts' old logo, which I think used to be that of a cube, sphere and tetrahedron. Notice that the Avatar says "I have not the strength, nor the wisdom to master such power... ...But one day I shall!" whilst kneeling, to the morphing object when you double click it. They made the Avatar kneel to EA! A similar easter egg was in Ultima 7, where the Guardian's generators were a cube, sphere and tetrahedron.

Mythran's scroll Mythran's scroll of dispelling magical portals is a unique scroll, in that it never runs out of charges and is unique as well as essential. It is needed for revealing Bentic's Journal, and opening the doors to Khumash-Gor's tomb, only to mention the essential events, as it is also needed, among other things, to reveal the door to the Protector.

Necromantic Keys

Key of the Caretaker Key of the Caretaker is given to the Apprentice by the Necromancer, and is an essential tool in Necromantic spellcasting. The Key of the Caretaker is used on a bag in which are the Necromantic reagents, and like this Necromantic spells are made. Thus the Key of the Caretaker is not a physical key but a spiritual and magical key.

Key of the Scion Key of the Scion is given to the Apprentice once he has met Lithos, and the Apprentice becomes the Scion - he who will succeed the Necromancer when the time comes. The Key of the Scion is much more powerful than the Key of the Caretaker, and in fact it has many uses. It is also a physical Key as it can open the doors leading to the location of the other elemental titans and the Zealan Shrine, as well as it is the tool used by Scions and Necromancers to inter or bury the dead.

Key of the Necromancer Key of the Necromancer is in possession only to the Necromancer, and in fact you never get to have this Key in the game. I know of its existence because it is in the usecode file.

Fragments of the Blackrock Obelisk

Obelisk Tip Obelisk Tip came into possession of Khumash-Gor apparently, as it is found in his tomb. This is the blackrock fragment corresponding to the Titan of Ether, and is used in yourself at the end to charge it.

Tongue of Flame Tongue of Flame belongs to the Master Sorcerer, and is used by him to control Pyros in captivity. The Master Sorcerer must call upon the help of a First Acolyte and three other Acolytes to help contain Pyros at the Great Pentagram, otherwise he can break free. The Tongue of Flame passes down from one Master Sorcerer to the next when somebody kills the Master Sorcerer and takes his place.

Tear of the Seas Tear of the Seas was fished out by Devon some time ago, and he keeps it in a chest in his study, which is in the southwest corner of the Tempest's Palace. In the times of which the history books speak, Kalen had used this fragment to contain Hydros and imprison her at Carthax Lake, where he nearly killed her before she offered to give her Tempestry powers to him and his bloodline.

Breath of Air Breath of Air (called "Breath of Wind" in the patched version) sits on a pedestal held on a rock near Stratos herself. Hidden to common sight, this fragment must be restored to sight and retrieved using an Aerial Servant before one can get his hands on it. Taking it breaks Stratos' link with the healers, so Stellos will die and healing spells will no longer work.

Heart of Earth Heart of Earth is in the Pit of Death, accessed through doors near the doors to the Hall of the Mountain King. Both doors must be opened using a golem of earth. Once in the Pit of Death, one will come to a building called the Conventicle of the Dead, which can be opened either with an earth golem or by retrieving the Key of the Conventicler.

Notes on Stealing

Be warned that in Pagan there is no jail, and stealing is given the death penalty. Some people, such as Devon, Arcadion and your Sorcery teacher, will allow you to take items from them. But others will call Beren or attack you, in which case you will become a pile of bleeding limbs.

However, there are ways to steal and get away with it. You can:


Eating is not necessary, and you can even finish the game without eating (as I did). However, people who eat regularly recuperate hit points more quickly than those who do not. Every fourth or fifth meal will also give a hit point boost.

Eating mushrooms is also possible, and may recover hit points if you are injured. However, if you eat too many regular mushrooms, your vision will become strange and colours will change. There are also the special mushrooms, such as the adventurer's mushrooms which heal, the poisonous mushrooms that hurt, and the fire shrooms that aren't edible, but all this is covered in the landscape section.


There are a number of keys to be found throughout the game, providing access to anything from chests to entire regions of Pagan. They are best managed using a keyring. There's a list of keys at The Codex of Ultima Wisdom. Note that the Key of the Scion also opens some doors, even though it does not look like a regular key.


The Recall Item

The Recall Item is essential because it saves you lots of trouble. Imagine visiting Lithos and having to go all the way back out to the Cemetery... just beaming out is much easier.

You should never drop or lose the Recall Item, and be sure to activate Recall Pads to be able to teleport to them at later stages.

Piling items together

Money and reagents can be piled together to reduce weight and clutter. It makes it much easier to manage your inventory with many pieces of the same reagent all over it. Pentology: Ultima VIII Cluebook explains that reagents' weight works differently in the patched and unpatched versions.

Keys can be added to a keyring, reducing weight and clutter.


Bags are excellent for organising your inventory. Try not to use backpacks, as there apparently is a bug when putting a backpack inside another backpack. You should keep an empty bag for when you need to compile a Necromantic spell.


When killing a monster, don't forget to loot its corpse. Many of them, such as ghouls, will not drop anything, but others do. Skeletons will have different items each time you kill them, so you can kill them repeatedly to gain new treasure. Trolls, ghosts and changelings also drop treasure, while a killed torax will usually contain some torax ribs. Ghosts usually drop money, while changelings drop some explosives along with the money.


Prices in Ultima VIII are listed in the Ultima Thule where you can see all the prices from the Ultima VIII Economy page. Prices of objects are sorted out by type, so just click on the relevant page to see the relevant prices.

Some prices are also available in the U8 Merchandise page at Mike's RPG Center.