Dino's Guide to
Ultima VIII - Pagan

Mushrooms grow in dark and damp places. Usually, someone can find mushrooms in a thick forest where light cannot even go through the leaves. On Pagan, however, there is no light, so mushrooms can grow in the dark caverns and even outside in the open.

Decorative mushroom Decorative mushrooms are usually white, black or brown, and are more of a decoration to the landscape than being of any use. They range from tiny sizes to even the size of trees.

Regular mushroom Regular mushrooms are usually blue or green in colour. They are normal food, but if too many are taken, strange side effects may occur. In this case, please contact your local doctor.

Adventurers' mushroom Adventurers' mushrooms are yellow with green spots, and will restore a couple of hit points when eaten. Smaller ones can be carried, unlike their bigger neighbours.

Poisonous mushroom Poisonous mushrooms are often mistaken for Adventurers' mushrooms, due to their similar colour, where the only difference is that the spots are red. These will deduct hit points when eaten.

Executioner's Hood Executioner's Hood, the Necromantic reagent, is, in fact, a mushroom. It is rare, unlike the above mentioned other mushrooms, and is only found in some places. Vividos describes it as a "black, leafy plant".

Fire Shroom Fire shrooms are not edible, but will explode when something steps on them, dealing 5-20 damage. These are usually found in deep caves and on the Plateau. Theurgists can benefit from their Aerial Servants by making the Servants pick up fire shrooms, which they may then throw at an enemy. Watch out when stepping behind rocks or trees in places with fire shrooms, as it is likely that you step on a hidden mushroom.


Electric Gateway Electric gateways are gateways pulsating on and off continuously with some form of electric charge. To get past these, one must time himself to get by when the gate is off. They do 5-10 damage if you get caught in one of them.

Explosion Exploding chests are triggered upon opening trapped chests, so it is good to be cautious and use a spell to detect traps on chests before opening them, as these deal 5-20 damage.

Exploding books are the ultimate trap. Somehow, the books called "Tricks of the Trixter" explode upon being read, and deal 5-20 damage. A trick used also on Britannia and Serpent Isle, apparently.

Spitter Fire mortar or, as it is labelled in-game, "spitter", spits fireballs accurately in your direction, so that if you are not running, it will easily hit you and likely kill you. Like most other explosive traps, this deals 5-20 damage, but beware that if a spitter hits you once, it will knock you on the ground, and it will quickly fire another fireball at you so that you will likely die while trying to get up.

Fire Shroom Fire shrooms, usually found in deep caves and on the Plateau, will explode as soon as something steps on them. Theurgists can benefit from their Aerial Servants by making the Servants pick up fire shrooms, which they may then throw at an enemy. Watch out when stepping behind rocks or trees in places with fire shrooms, as it is likely that you step on a hidden mushroom.

Fire Shooter Fire shooters are a big pain, as they continuously shoot in a direction, and must be timed to avoid the 5-20 explosion damage suffered on impact.

Fire spouts initially look like little spots in the ground, which will explode when you go near them, dealing 5-20 explosion damage.

Floor Spikes Floor spikes will initially look like a line of holes in the ground, which will lift to hit you when you trod over them, dealing 3-5 damage.

Force fields, found only in the Hall of the Mountain King, will deal 5-10 damage to any who pass into them without the Gem of Protection or, as it is known in the patched version, the blue field passage gem. The blue force fields are generated from between pillars marked with an earth symbol, and the trouble is that they are invisible until someone goes through them. They can be detected, however, by throwing something into them.

Spiked Roller Spiked Rollers will patrol from one point to another, dealing 2-5 damage to anything in its way. These are mostly encountered at Mythran's house and in the Zealan Shrine, and can be evaded by simply timing your way through them. However, many of them rolling near each other may be hard to evade without injury, as is encountered in the Zealan Shrine.

Falling Stalactite Stalactites are water building into ice over many years on the ceiling of caverns. When they get too old, or when the ground is shaken on purpose, they will fall onto anyone passing underneath them, dealing 15 damage. If you keep running, they are easy to escape.


Falling Falling is, in itself, a danger. A 10-foot fall will deal 2 damage, and an 11-foot fall will deal 4. While falling over 12 feet will deal 8 damage, a 13-foot fall will prove fatal. While it is easy enough to fall into a pit or even into water, a blow may also cause a fall when it is powerful enough to push or throw you backwards.

Fire Fire, if stepped into, will deal 5-10 damage. Some creatures are vulnerable to fire damage, and that is why the Flame Sting is the best weapon around - it deals the extra fire damage.

Red Lava Red lava will deal 1-2 damage if stepped into. But without an Endure Heat spell, it will hurt you so much that you will be unable to move, and will continue to suffer the boil until you die.

Yellow Lava Yellow lava is too soft to support your weight. If you step into it, you will sink into the lava and be melted. Not even an Endure Heat spell or invulnerability will protect you, because just like water, yellow lava will just swallow you.

Water Water is one of the most dangerous things in Pagan. Going into the water would mean offering yourself to be the dinner of a minion of the lurker. Even little puddles can prove fatal, as the puddles in the Upper Catacombs, near the intersection catacombs (also known as Upper Catacombs 2), will give way with your weight and the weight of the puddles, dropping you into lava.

Poison Poison will take away just one hit point instantaneously. However, it depends what poison, as the poisoning from too many mushrooms may take away only one hit point, but a green potion will take away much more (see items page).

Meteors do 10-30 damage. These are probably the meteors from the Thaumaturgic spell "Meteor Shower".

Lightning Lightning is only made by great powers, and in fact you will only encounter it if you attack Mordea, as well as in the dwelling place of the Ancient Necromancers and in the deposing of Mordea. Lightning is too powerful, dealing 100 damage, and will kill immediately if you do not have Rock Flesh or Withstand Death protecting you. However, on one occasion, lightning fails to kill you, as it does when Mordea unleashes lightning on everyone at Devon's execution, killing three guards but leaving you, Shaana and Darion only shaken.