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I must thank Xe Dragon for providing me with the above map, part of his HRUMP, a place to find the most beautiful Ultima maps in the whole world wide web.

If you notice, there are some mistakes on the world map:

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From the manual:Named the City of Eternal Twilight, Tenebrae is the only community excluding the various groups of spellcasters - known still to exist on Morgaelin. It was first built ages ago by our Zealan ancestors, who were forced out during the ancient wars. Despite its heritage, many of the edifices are new, having been reconstructed in recent years.

In the central part of the city is the Great Palace, home and court of the reigning Lady. From there she rules with a firm hand, keeping the peace via her very real threat of sending criminals to a watery grave.

Tenebrae is divided into three parts - West, East and Central Tenebrae. Central Tenebrae houses the Palace of the Tempest, home to the ruler of the city. The rich folk live in East Tenebrae, in luxurious houses, while the poorer folk live in West Tenebrae. Once a protection from the Zealans, the thick bastions are now nothing but a physical division between the classes.

The Docks

The docks is where the fisherman Devon lives, as well as where executions are performed by the order of Lady Mordea.

The Plateau

From the manual: This crag that overlooks the city supports a small hut, home to the mysterious Mythran. Covered with a few groves of trees, the area is remarkably nondescript, and Mythran has done little to change the flora and fauna other than construct his unusual abode. It is said that this is where to find information no others could possibly know.

The Plateau is reached via a cave from the Herdsman's Valley, which has some traps. On the Plateau is another cave, in which you can find the Bone Crusher, as well as locked doors that may have been intended to open in the Lost Vale.

Hall of the Mountain King

From the manual: Located at the base of the mountain at Stone Cove, the Hall of the Mountain King is, indeed, where the Necromancers may go to speak with Lithos. In fact, only those with the powers of a Necromancer or Apprentice are able to enter, for the seemingly inoperable stone door stops all others.

The Hall of the Mountain King is accessed via Stone Cove through locked double doors that can only be opened by a golem of earth. There is where Lithos dwells, beyond a myriad of traps.

Treasure Cove

Treasure Cove has long been thought omitted from the game. Hints to its existence were just its existence on the world map and its listing in the usecode under the locations told by the Divination Focus.

Kobra Kai proved its existence on 29th July 2003, sending me a screenshot. I've taken another screenshot, which shows that Treasure Cove is the lair of the Slayer.

Daemon's Crag

From the manual: Among the most dark-some places in Pagan is the treacherous territory known as Sorcerer's Enclave. There the Mages of Fire perform unknown and possibly horrific magics, as they consort with their patron Titan, Pyros. Fortunately, the area is quite secluded, as a boiling lake of fire surrounds the collection of buildings, making it impossible for those who are not members of the sorcerous cabal to traverse.

The Sorcerers' Enclave rests upon the island of Morgaelin at Daemon's Crag. Daemon's Crag was named after the location of where the first daemon appeared, and the island of Morgaelin, sitting in a sea of lava, was named after the volcano above it.

Argentrock Isle

From the manual: This small islet, reached only by a bridge, is home to the monastery of the Order of Enlightenment. There the Theurgists have the opportunity to attend to their studies in the peace and quiet necessary to achieve Enlightenment and Purity. Those Theurgists who learn well the lessons of Stratos are permitted to visit Windy Point, where a truly pure Adept might hope to hear the Mystic Voice.

When Tenebrae needs the help of these healers, they travel there by means of Recall Items, as Tarna tells you.

Stratos lives on a flying rock off Windy Point, located on the western edge of Argentrock Isle. There, the Adept must take a Leap of Faith, in which Stratos casts Air Walk on the Adept to get him over the sea and onto a rock, from where he must jump his way to get to Stratos, who gives him the Air Walk focus.

Vengeance Bay

From the manual: This area is beyond the reach of those without the means to cross the seas in safety - a rare thing in these times. The bay was the site of the last and greatest true battle between the Zealans and the Pagans, who won by calling upon Hydros to pull the Zealan leader's ship under the sea. To further the show of power, Hydros spat the ship back up, cursing all on board to eternal slavery as part of her undead legion.

Vengeance Bay is on the north side of Pagan, where a waterfall empties in the sea. The Zealan ship, mentioned in the extract from the manual, shows on the map. The Bay apparently forms part of The Sunken Lands, as it says on the map.

Carthax Lake

Part of the Ebon Lake Spur, Carthax Lake was not always a lake. It was once connected to the sea, where Hydros once roamed free. But when she took away Kalen's beloved, he used the Tear of the Seas to shape the land around the water, trapping Hydros at Carthax Lake, where she remains until you free her.

Shrine of the Ancient Ones

Few know of the existence of the Zealan Shrine, resting on the east side of Pagan, which is reached through the Upper Catacombs. Just as only those of the Necromantic Order know this, only they know that Moriens, the first Necromancer, was born there.

The Zealan gods lie in a temple at the end of the Zealan Shrine, where a Zealan Ceremonial Shield is necessary to be able to speak with them.

Stone Cove

Stone Cove is a seaside place, accessed from the Lower Catacombs where the Ancient Necromancers rest in peace, and which leads to the Pit of the Dead and the Hall of the Mountain King. From here, one can find stepping stones on the sea, which lead to two islands; one of which is home to the great Deceiver axe.

The Cemetery

From the manual: The cemetery is where the dead are interred and then sent to Lithos. It is also home not only to the Necromancer and her Apprentice, but to dozens of the Mountain King's servants. Even before reaching the cemetery, the stench of death becomes overpowering, and many ghouls and skeletons are visible from the gates. Very few are brave or foolish enough to enter the graveyard to speak with the Necromancer, and usually only the Apprentice travels into the city for supplies.

As Vividos tells you, the building in which the Necromancers live is actually the Tomb of Moriens, the first Necromancer. It shows on the map.

The altar inside the Tomb is where all the Necromancers die in the Ceremony of Eternity, and you actually see this being performed upon Lothian.

The Herdsman's Valley

Located just north of Central Tenebrae, the Herdsman's Valley is home to torax farmers. At the north end lies a cave leading to the Plateau.

Plane of Air

The Plane of Air is where one can seek to defeat Stratos. On the way are many flying rocks that risk dropping when one steps on them. On these lie many tempting treasures, which will result in death, unless the proper magic is used to retrieve them. An Aerial Servant can bring you the magic items without risk.

Plane of Earth

The Plane of Earth is a huge cave, where one can seek to eliminate Lithos. One should beware of fire shrooms and other dangers when venturing here.

Plane of Fire

Lots of lava floods the Plane of Fire, where one must pass some difficult trials to finally seek to defeat Pyros.

Plane of Water

This place is not called the Plane of Water for nothing, as the place is full of stepping stones and jumping puzzles where one risks his life jumping over water. Hydros lies at the end, awaiting the one who will defeat her.

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