Dino's Guide to
Ultima VIII - Pagan

The scrolls of Pagan are enchanted by magic users, but their magic makes them crumble to dust upon use, with most scrolls. You can read the scrolls in the Writings section.

Mythran's scroll The scroll of dispelling magic portals is a special scroll, especially for three primary properties - it is unique, it is essential to complete the game, and it never runs out of charges, despite what Mythran might tell you. You obtain it from Mythran for 50 obsidian coins.

Scroll of Healing A scroll of healing has the similar effects to those of a yellow potion (refer to the items page), healing a very small amount of hit points.

Scroll of Restoration A scroll of restoration has the same effects as a red potion (refer to the items page), bringing your health to the maximum and weakening you if your health is already at maximum.

Scroll of Trap Detection A scroll of trap detection will reveal any traps in nearby chests.

Scroll of Trap Destruction A scroll of trap destruction will set off any traps in nearby chests, which will explode as a result of the magic. Therefore, when using this scroll to untrap chests, stay at a safe distance from the chests.

Scroll of Invisibility A scroll of invisibility, as the name suggests, will make the caster invisible, having the same effects as a black potion (refer to the items page).

Restore to Sight scroll A restore to sight scroll will reveal any invisible objects concealed by magic. If you are invisible, it will make you visible as well.