Dino's Guide to
Ultima VIII - Pagan
Toran's Execution
*action*Tarna points her halberd at the Avatar
Salkind:Toran, you have been accused of blasphemy against our Lady Mordea and sentenced to death by beheading... Do you have any final words?
Toran:I shall die as I have lived... with honor. When I face Lithos, he will not find -me- wanting.
Salkind:A man of honor would not have insulted his Lady with seditious rumors, knave!
*action*Mordea steps forward.
Mordea:I fear that Lithos will not find you at all... for your grave shall be a watery one. The Lurker is not kind to the ones she... acquires.
*action*Tarna puts up her halberd and turns to Mordea.
Tarna:This is forbidden, Lady. The Ritual of Interment is sacred.
*action*Mordea turns to Tarna.
Mordea:Do not question my decisions, Tarna. I am sure that Lithos would not want this one's worthless spirit in his domain.
*action*Rhian walks towards Darion.
*action*Darion draws his sword
Darion:Back, woman!
*action*Mordea lifts her hands
Mordea:Perform your task, Executioner!
*action*Toran puts his head on the block, and Shaana cuts it off with her axe. Darion sheaths his sword, and Rhian kneels, crying. Mordea puts her hands down.
*action*As Toran's head bounces on the dock before falling into the sea, and is swallowed by a minion of the Lurker, there are flashes of lightning. Blood pours from the severed neck.
Rhian:My husband...
*action*Tarna points her halberd once again at the Avatar.
Tarna:Stand aside! Let Lady Mordea pass!
*action*Mordea, Salkind, Darion and Shaana leave, in that order. Tarna speaks to the Avatar.
The Ceremony of Eternity
Vividos:Hello again, my friend.
Avatar:I have the dagger.
Vividos:Truly?! You have the dagger? Bless you, my friend, bless you! Your timing is perfect for I need the dagger immediately! May I please have the dagger?
*action*Avatar walks towards Vividos and gives him the dagger
Vividos:Thank you, my friend. You have done good service this day. And your timing could not be better. For, as you can see, Lothian lies upon the altar barely clinging to life. For your service, I will grant you the boon which you did ask of me. I will introduce you to the Necromancer. But first, stand witness to the Ceremony of Eternity. For the time has come for Lothian and I to perform the ceremony. Please follow my instructions closely. Are you prepared, Lothian?
Lothian:All of my life I have prepared for this, Vividos. I beg you now, send me to the Mountain King.
Vividos:Very well, please, my friend, stand beside the altar.
*action*Avatar goes beside the altar, on the side opposite of Vividos
Vividos:Please kneel before the Altar of Passage.
*action*Avatar kneels, and Vividos kneels after him.
Vividos:Lord Lithos, Mountain King, eldest and mightiest of the four Titans, we come forth to send your faithful servant Lothian into your waiting arms. Tell us now, Lord of the Underworld, does this, our gift please you?
*action*The ground shakes.
Lothian:Yes, Lord! Take me! I am ready to greet you, Mountain King!
*action*Vividos casts a spell.
Vividos:Let all rejoice, for Lithos is pleased with this, our sacrifice. Now, prepare to greet the ambassadors from Lithos' realm.
*action*Vividos casts a spell.
Vividos:Kal Corp
*action*Three ghouls emerge from the ground, one at a time.
Vividos:The dead now surround you, Lothian. Prepare yourself for your Lord.
Lothian:The grave opens before me!
*action*Vividos casts a spell.
Vividos:Be you cleansed for death. Lithos awaits you.
*action*Vividos finishes his last spell.
Lothian:Sweet dagger, I am your sheath. Wear me now, lovely blade!
Vividos:Go you now to the Mountain King! From life to death. From death to Lithos!
*action*Vividos casts a spell.
Vividos:Ex Ort Corp. Ort Des Lithos!
*action*The ground shakes. Vividos finishes his spell and then stabs Lothian with the ceremonial dagger, whose blood pours down the altar.
Vividos:Now shall we bow in reverence of deeds here done, and to the awesome might of the Mountain King. All is done. Lothian may now join her lord. Arise, my friend.
*action*Avatar rises.
Vividos:You may now greet the Necromancer my friend, for I am he.
The Second Execution
*action*3 guards escort Avatar on the docks.
Salkind:...And for treasonous plots against the fair Lady Mordea...
Guard 2:Hail, Lady Mordea!
*action*Everyone turns towards the escort.
Devon:Oh, no!
Guard 2:We bring you a thief!
*action*The guard pokes at the Avatar with his halberd.
Avatar:Watch it!
Guard 2:We caught him breaking into the evidence chamber!
Mordea:Well done! The block always welcomes another neck.
Devon:I am sorry to see you here, my friend. It appears we will both become victims of Mordea.
*action*Shaana takes 3 steps forward.
Shaana:One execution at a time.
Salkind:Yes, yes, we must attend to Devon's beheading first!
Mordea:Very well. Carry on with the execution!
Devon:Goodbye, my friend. May Lithos forgive our spirits.
*action*Devon turns round, facing the block.
Avatar:Devon is the rightful heir!
*action*Everyone turns to face the Avatar.
Guard 2What?
Guard 3Ahhh?
*action*Darion draws his sword.
Darion:I should slay you now for such heresy!
Mordea:Stay your hand, Darion. He'll soon feed the Lurker.
*action*Darion sheaths his sword
Darion:Yes, my lady.
Devon:Me? A Tempest...? *AVATAR*, this is not the time for levity.
Mordea:Get on with it!
Shaana:As you wish, my lady.
*action*Shaana raises her axe and Devon turns back to the block.
Avatar:I have proof!
*action*Everyone turns towards the Avatar.
Avatar:I have a book that not only proves Devon is the rightful Tempest, but also that his powers are stronger than those of Mordea's! Mordea and Devon have the same father, but Devon was the first birth! He is the rightful Tempest!
Salkind:You lie! Mordea, I locked that book safely away!
*action*Mordea turns to face Salkind.
Mordea:Fool! Now the whole world knows the secret!
*action*Mordea takes out a dagger.
Salkind:Forgive me, Lady Mordea!
*action*Salkind covers his face with his hands (in a kangaroo fashion).
Mordea:I forgive you.
*action*Mordea lashes at Salkind with her dagger and casts him into the sea. Then she goes opposite Devon.
Mordea:Yes! Devon is the rightful heir to the throne! But the truth will serve him not! His head will still rest in the belly of the Lurker! Proceed with the execution!
Mordea:No? Do you dare to defy me?
Shaana:I will not execute the true Tempest!
*action*Mordea strikes Shaana with lightning.
Mordea:Darion, do you defy me too?
Darion:I cannot kill him, my Lady. He is -the- Tempest!
*action*After Mordea strikes Darion with lightning, two of the guards point their spears towards Mordea and prepare to defend themselves.
Mordea:If that is how it must be, you will all suffer my wrath! Foolish brother! You think your powers are greater than mine! Use them if you dare... To save your miserable life!
*action*Mordea strikes the guards and the Avatar with lightning.
Mordea:There will be only one Tempest!
Devon:Then let it be so!
Mordea:Die, Devon!
*action*Three small fires are caused by lightning.
Devon:Your evil must end, Mordea!
Mordea:I will kill you!
*action*Three explosions caused by lightning throw Mordea into the sea.
Devon:May the Lurker welcome you... as she has your victims.
*action*The Avatar regains consciousness and gets up.
Avatar:Oh, my head!
Devon:*AVATAR*! At long last Mordea's tyranical rule is over! Now, I must be the Tempest. I must use my powers to undo the evils of Mordea's reign. I make it my duty to bring prosperity to all of Tenebrae. Thanks to your efforts our fair city is free from her oppression. Though I know your destiny lies elsewhere, you will always be welcome here in Tenebrae.
*action*Devon turns towards the sea.
Devon:Now I must leave. I need time away from Tenebrae to contemplate all of the recent events. I will return when the time is right and take my place as the Tempest. Goodbye, my friend. May our paths cross again.
*action*Devon jumps onto the water and walks away on it.
The Meeting with Lithos
Lithos:What human is this who comes before me?
Avatar:I have business before you, lord.
Lithos:What business could a living one have that concerns Me?
Avatar:Vividos is now the Necromancer.
Lithos:I am very well aware of that, living one. And now Lothian must be interred.
Avatar:Lothian must be interred?
Lithos:Yes, the scent of her rotting flesh shall perfume my garden of delight.
Avatar:Lord, I beg a boon.
Lithos:Bold you are to beg a boon from me, mortal. What is this boon?
Avatar:I wish to become Vividos' apprentice.
Lithos:You wish to apprentice to the Necromancer? Then fall before me and serve your master!
*action**The ground shakes and the Avatar falls, and when the ground stops shaking, the Avatar stands up again.
Lithos:Now, kneel before me, worm.
*action**The Avatar kneels*
Lithos:To become the apprentice, you must inter Lothian into my clay.
Avatar:How do I do this, lord?
Lithos:Ask this of the Necromancer. He will teach you for it is his task to serve me.
Avatar:Farewell, my lord.
Lithos:You may now leave my presence, live one. Do not come before me again until you yourself are the Necromancer.
Lothian's internment
Avatar:Lord Lithos, I have come to inter Lothian into Your Earth as You have commanded.
*action**The ground shakes slightly*
Avatar:All has been prepared according to your law, Mountain King.
*action**The ground swallows Lothian's body, leaving a flower.*