Dino's Guide to
Ultima VIII - Pagan
Walkthrough: Earth
Reagent Hunt

Now that Mordea has been killed and peace reigns in Tenebrae, you may concentrate on your other quest: fetching reagents for Vividos before initiating your tuition as Necromancer's Apprentice.

Where to find Deadman's Elbow Go to West Tenebrae and go to the far north of town until you come to a dilapidated wooden building haunted by a ghost and some ghouls: this is the "place where spirits roam". Under a large tree just outside the building are some T-shaped sticks. Take one of them, as this is the kind of stick Vividos wants (called "deadman's elbow" in the patched version of the game). The ghost will not attack you unless you start a fight. Note that while this reagent may also be found at other locations (especially on the Plateau), the reagent you bring back to Vividos must be from here or will not be acknowledged. Do not bother to get more then one deadman's elbow with you, as this is a reagent you cannot use for your spells later in the game.

Executioner's Hood Go back up the East Road towards the Cemetery, but just as you reach the entrance to the Cemetery, turn East. When you see some trees, go south of them to an area of lower ground infested by changelings. In the middle of this lower area is a raised platform of ground; climb onto it and collect all the executioner's hood. You now have the second reagent and may return to Vividos.

Go to the Cemetery and drop all your executioner's hood but one; this is one of the reagents you'll need for spellcasting and it isn't worth letting Vividos have them all. Give Vividos the reagents, and he will give you the Key of the Caretaker, instruct you on how to prepare and cast Necromantic spells, and send you to the Upper Catacombs to learn spells from the Ancient Necromancers.

Pick up the executioner's hood you dropped and go into the building and upstairs, where you will find the Necromancers' library. Collect all the reagents and read all the books. Vividos had said that you will need the Open Ground and Death Speak spells; both are documented in one of the books there. With this newly-gained knowledge, prepare an Open Ground spell. Note that you'll also find Lothian's own spell, Call Quakes, documented in a scroll in the chest within the bedroom.

Where to enter the Upper Catacombs Go north of the monastery to a fence in whose entrance are some fire shrooms and a ghost appears; and several ghouls rise around the area. Fight or evade them and enter the building there through the east doors. In the central passageway, as shown in the picture, cast Open Ground to break the rock face and reveal the entrance to the Upper Catacombs. Enter the Upper Catacombs, bearing in mind that you will be there for a long time.

The Upper Catacombs

Go past the skeleton and through the door,and take the north passage. You should come to a gate with two levers on the west wall, and a third level on the west wall beyond the gate. The southernmost lever turns you upside down, so pull the northernmost lever to open the gate. There is nothing of interest in the lower ground surrounded by a fence so go east round it and turn north after the skeleton (watching out as the ground may collapse under your weight).

Keep going north until you come to a metal wall that is raised when you approach it and turn east before it. Take the next turning north to a second fenced area marked with a plaque reading "Danger do not enter"; obey it or die either by falling with the floor into lava or by falling victim to fire spouts (those little spots on the ground explode as you approach them).

Go around the fence to the north until the passage is blocked by two metal walls and a low red pillar. Climb over the red pillar and jump over to the other side, pulling the lever afterwards to lower the metal walls and allow future access.

Entrance to the Ancient Necromancers Go east until the northern wall is natural rock filled with stalagmites in front of it; there you can pick up some bone and blackmoor reagents. Follow the north wall east until you come to a small room with a ghoul, a small chest and a door with a cobweb. The ground will collapse as you enter, dropping you to the resting place of the Ancient Necromancers, but you can get magic leggings if you don't fall through. Keep the right mouse button pressed as you step through the door and fall, and then press the left mouse button to pull yourself up. Take the magic leggings and the money and jump down into the hole.

Ancient Necromancers

Take all the reagents you can carry from the barrels just west of where you end up. Go north to a large area, and you will find a chest within some ruined walls; there are more reagents in it (including wood, which wasn't in the barrels).

The First Necromancer Now take the westernmost passage south and run west past the fire spitters and falling stalactites to the first Necromancer. Mix a Death Speak and cast it on him, and he will teach you the Mask of Death spell.

Go back to the large area with the chest and take the easternmost passage north, over a ridge which was blocked by stalagmites before you spoke to the Necromancer. You will encounter three daemons; the Necromancer told you to cast Mask of Death but you can save the reagents and just run past. There are some reagents northwest of the daemons, in both the backpack on the high ground (guarded by a ghost) and that near the fire (guarded by a couple of ghouls). From the daemons, follow the north passage until you find the second Necromancer in an alcove to the west.

The Second Necromancer Prepare another Death Speak and cast it on the second Necromancer. He introduces himself as Bentos, seventh Necromancer of Lithos, and teaches you the Rock Flesh spell. Prepare the spell as he instructed you, cast it on yourself and follow the passage north and west, running through the lightning (which, without the spell, would be fatal). There are reagents in and around the bodies after the lightning, and a potion on one of them. Go west to a building (where a ghost and some ghouls appear if you dare to trespass, and you can't win because another ghoul rises every time you kill one). Go west and south to a kith guarding a backpack with reagents, and beyond to a passage going east and north and east again to the third Necromancer. Cast Death Speak on him and he will teach you Summon Undead and teleport you to an area of high ground near water.

The Fourth Necromancer The hut There are reagents aplenty on and around the bodies, as well as a shield and a death disk. Note that there are also reagents at the southern foot of the cliff, but while you may be able to survive the fall, it seems impossible to climb up again. Run through the electric gateways east of the starting point and jump over the chasm where you will be attacked by a skeleton and a ghoul or two; and where you will also find the fourth Necromancer. From here on you can speak to the Necromancers without Death Speak, so don't waste your reagents and just speak to him. This Necromancer is unfriendly, but will nonetheless teach you Grant Peace and teleport you to a new place.

Cut your way east through the changelings to a grassy area which is loaded with reagents. After you're done collecting reagents, enter the small hit with the throne and you'll be teleported again.

Magic Armour The Mystery Cave West of the place you appear in is a cave entrance near a spitter. You cannot enter it, and it is one of the mysteries in the world of Pagan. If you go east and north from the starting point, you will find a body with reagents and a locked chest. Then go south, jump over the water and find some elevated ground to the southeast with magic armour. Climb up - but watch out as you approach the magic armour as the ground will give way beneath your feet - and help yourself to the magic armour and the bag with reagents. Now run west past a spitter and jump over the lava, climbing up on the other side. Make your way around the larger island you came on, and jump onto the small island to be teleported again.

The Fifth Necromancer You appear in another cave, within a small inset of the wall. Run slightly south before the kith gets at you, then follow the passage west, without stopping, through spitters, stalactites, stalagmites, changelings and another kith until you come to the fifth Necromancer. Talk to him to learn Withstand Death and be teleported away.

The Sixth Necromancer Go west and north to a small building and a lever behind a gate. If you want to access the building (though you don't need to), flipthe switch on it to lower the gate and pull the lever to lower the building's metal wall; in the building is a skeleton and some blood. Go west to a kith and north until the passage branches in two directions. If you take the left branch, you will come to a raised platform with a chest with reagents. Take the east branch and run past the fire shooter. North is a troll; west is a chest with reagents; northwest is a passage (sometimes guarded by a seeker). Run through the passage, and on the way there will be two skeletons guarding a bag with reagents beside a ghoul's body. At the end of the passage is Galious, the sixth Necromancer, who teaches you the Create Golem spell and tells you that the Hall of the Mountain King may be reached from Stone Cove, which in turn is accessible via the Catacombs. The cave exit is just north of Galious, but a ghost will appear just before the stairs to the exit, making it harder to get by. Once you pass and leave the area, you will be on high ground on the eastern end of the Upper Catacombs.

Reaching and Exploring Stone Cove

Jump onto the lower ground and make your way south avoiding the puddles, which mark weak spots in the ground which collapse with your weight. Where the path turns east, leave the area through the door. This new place is officially called Upper Catacombs 2, and is a central point from where you will eventually access the dwelling places of all the titans.

From the entrance, take the first turning south, coming to a pit with skeletons. You can either grant them peace or try to evade them; either way you must climb down into the pit and climb up again at the southwest end. Follow the west path over a water pit then over two bridges. Keep going south after the second bridge through a narrow passage guarded by a ghost or two and keep going south, passing over a small river. Proceed south to a metal wall which lowers as you approach, revealing a fire shooter. Walk past to the switch, and a stalactite will fall. If the stalactite misses you, you will have to climb over it or the switch's post and jump over in order to get out; if it hits you, the way back out will be clear. Either way, flip the switch and pass through the south gate. Finally, go through the door and out of the dave, to Stone Cove.

All Necromantic reagents are infinitely supplied at Stone Cove. They spawn continuously as you leave and return to their spawning grounds:

Deceiver At the southern shore, where the land juts out into the sea as small peninsulae, you should see stepping stones. Some are static, while others rise and sink continuously. Make your way south over them to a small island. To the west is a larger isle guarded by skeletons, whereupon you may collect the Deceiver Axe, one of the best weapons of the game (second only to Flame Sting).

Go back to the large doors near the entrance to Stone Cove. Create a golem from the dirt before them and tell it to open both the large double doors and the small door to the east - this will save having to summon another one later in the game to open the small door. Go through the large doors to the Hall of the Mountain King.

Hall of the Mountain King

The ruined building Run north, past a golem, jumping over a chasm, until you come to a ruined building. Since the gate lever doesn't work, you have to climb over the wall into the building. You can climb in either from the wall just east of the gate (covered by the easternmost lamp post) or from the east wall of the building. Pull the lever beside the torture chair, kill the three ghouls that rise, and get out the same way you came in. Go back south across the chasm and turn west where you encountered the golem. There is an Earth symbol; this is where you will be teleported if you step on a similar symbol later on. Go past the symbol and cross the bridge of disappearing platforms (which the lever activated). Go past another golem and jump west over the floating platforms (which disappear and reappear continuously if you don't have the patch) to yet another golem. Follow the disappearing platforms north and west to high ground. If you go around the edge of the cliff and jump east off the east edge, you will find a chest with a helmet and a shield (beware the fire shrooms).

Forcefield maze map Go north, ignoring the locked door to the west, to the forcefield maze. This is particularly annoying because you are injured by invisible forcefields when going between some pillars. Fortunately, I have mapped the forcefield maze, so you can get through unharmed. Make your way to the chest at the end of the maze, and take the key and the gem (called "Gem of Protection" in the unpatched version, and "blue field passage gem" with the patch). With the gem in your possession, you can run back through the forcefields and they will not harm you.

Go back to the door, avoiding the golem and kith, and unlock it with the key you got from the chest. Follow the passage west to a shore. You can get past by either hopping over the stepping stones or by walking around the shore.

Lithos Go north past skellots and spiders until you see a large stalagmite standing by an inset in the west wall. There is a very narrow passage at that inset. Go through the narrow passage to a patch of adventurer's mushrooms, and south through a few forcefields to a chest with potions. Take the key under the red potion and go back out of the narrow passage. As you go north along the long passage, stalactites will fall beside another west inset. If you continue north, past a troll, you will come to an island with an earth symbol, more adventurer's mushrooms, barrels with magical scrolls, and a trapped chest with metal arm guards; to get off the island, you need to climb back up onto the disappearing platforms (or, if you step on the symbol, you will be teleported all the way back to the beginning of the Hall of the Mountain King). Go back to the inset marked by the fallen stalactites and enter the narrow passage it conceals. Jump over the water and unlock the door. Go west and over the platforms (which disappear only if you don't have the patch). Go first south and activate the Recall Pad by walking near it, then go back north to speak with Lithos. If the screen shakes infinitely, there is a technical difficulty that you can easily fix (same as in the Ceremony of Eternity).

Lothian before internment Lithos told you to inter Lothian. Recall back to Central Tenebrae and go find Vividos at the Cemetery. Tell him what Lithos told you, and he will give you the Key of the Scion. Go to the northeastermn corner of the fence by the monastery and use the Key of the Scion on Lothian to inter her (you can read what is said at Lothian's internment online). The ground swallows up her body, leaving a flower. Go back to Vividos and he will name you his Scion, and send you on a pilgrimage to the Birthplace of Moriens, which you are to reach via the Upper Catacombs.