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Ultima 9 is one of the most controversial games in the series. It is often bashed by fans for various reasons ranging from bugs to its ignorance of the history of the Ultima series. Here, you can read what people think about the game, or post your own opinion.


Below is a list of reviews of Ultima 9.

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Xermán's opinion (22nd September 2019):
I really like it, even with it's flaws it's still a magical and interesting game for me.
Zack Miller's opinion (21st September 2019):
As a game apart from the Ultima series, Ultima IX is a great play. (One of my friends has never played the other Ultima games, and he really likes Ultima IX.) However, as part of a continuous series, it was greatly lacking, missing some major points from the previous games. I have played through it more times than the rest of the canon, but it is hard to really see it as the same "Avatar" from the previous Ultima titles.
Paul Lester's opinion (21st September 2019):
What U2 sings is quite apt for U9 and I quote: See the "stone" set in your eyes.... I'll wait for you... "and a twist of fate"... "on a bed of nails she makes me wait"..... with or without you! I'm waiting for you...."I can't live with or without you"....."and you give yourself away"... and your give and you give and you give yourself away......my hands are tired... "nothing left to lose"....alright check it out!... again! .. love will tear us apart.... again! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DeDzsCGbsQ
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