Chapter 15:

An unexpected help

Covered by a mantle, Devon walked quickly, and arrived near the city about half hour after the trial. The gates were locked and the soldiers were always watching. In the top of a small hill, Devon and Cyrrus watch carefully.

"Now, what are we going to do, Lord Devon? We cannot defeat all these soldiers in combat on our own, and if we surrender to them, the same way as Darion will occur with us." said Cyrrus, smoothly.

"Well, these walls are high, but can be climbed. If we just could distract them..."

Then, suddenly, the wind started to blow strong, and Devon had to hold his mantle not to lost it. In this moment, Cyrrus looked carefully to one direction and listened.

"What do you see, Cyrrus?" Asked Devon

"I see..., no I hear my name being called!" Answered Cyrrus

"Cyrrus..., Holy Cyrrus..., my dear Cyrrus..., my dear child" - said a pretty harmonious voice, coming from the mountain itself. Both of them could hear the voice very clearly and understand it.

"It comes from Northwest... and I'm can see a cave!" Said Cyrrus, surprised.

"Let's go see what is it. If it knows you, may be of help. Maybe it's Mythran, who knows!" Said Devon.

And they walked alongside the cliff. The wind doesn't seemed to stop, but kept increasing even more when they started to get near the cave. The cave, strangely, was very large, and the wind stopped as soon as they arrived. At this moment, they could feel only a breeze, coming from a room, after a curve from west. They could see everything perfectly, since the cave was not dark.

There were torches inside, two in each wall, side by side. When they crossed the path and stepped into the room, they saw a strange form of wind, like a cyclone, spinning without stop, but, strangely, the wind emanated was weak, and the room had no roof. Then the wind form said:

"Hello, dear child. This pleases me to see you alive."

"You are..., Stratos!!!" - said Cyrrus, stepping back, surprised.

"Indeed, child, I am Stratos. I used much of my last forces to call you here. I am glad you heard my call. As you know, I am weak. My time is short, my powers are almost all fading. I expect that Avatar will be able to save his people from Guardian"

"What are you saying? You're saying that Avatar was right? The Guardian is an evil?" - Asked Devon

"Yes, Tempest. But now it doesn't matters. I must tell you that someone is feeding the power of the Titans, but only two of four have accepted the pact. I did not, and, because of that, I am dying. Lithos also didn't, as you will know later. Please, listen to my last words... a huge war will rage soon. Snik-Poh is manipulating both sides to acquire power. He intends to acquire the ultimate power that Zealan Deities mentioned to you. The wind tells me everything. But, to do that, he must keep both Trolls and Zealans busy, so that he can begin his search for the missing shield parts. You must reach him before he can do it! If he can be able to do it, he will enter the locked sanctuary, that lies far beyond Lost Vale. There, our powers are stocked. In my case, I moved to this mountain, so that he couldn't reach me. But, by standing out of my sanctuary, my powers are fading, and I shall die."

Stratos noticed that Cyrrus was very sad with all of that, and so he extended his windy arm and conforted Cyrrus, shaking his hair.

"Please, my child, don't be sad. Like Lithos, I am very happy with this, because my spirit will be able to rest, at once, and I will not take part in this evil plot conducted by Snik-Poh. We have protected the Pagans, and so, we will not rise against them, like Hydros and Pyros insisted to do, unfortunately. Cyrrus, your spells are not working, are they?"

"No, Stratos, they aren't. Since the Breath of Wind was stolen..."

"It was not stolen, my child. It was taken for the good of many. Avatar is the only hope of his world, as well as you are the only hope of your world. I have accepted my fate, and I do not wish to regain my powers. In the ancient ages I have made many suffer with my winds of fury. Now I want to help in some manner. Cyrrus, I will give my last powers to you."

"To me? but why?"

"You are the only one now that can handle it, and I know that you'll use it fairly well. Please, put your foci in front of me. Don't worry about the tests. You have earned enough status to deserve this."

And then, Cyrrus put the foci in front of Stratos. Cyrrus never separated from his Foci, even after it had lost its powers. Then Stratos said:

"That shall be this way! My powers will be put at good use. Cyrrus, I trust my powers to you. Make sure they will be used for good objectives, and to make a new age: The age of mankind. We, Titans, do not have anymore rights about the destiny of the men and women in this world. Now the fate is made by your hands...!"

And by saying that, a great whisper surrounded the room, focusing on the foci, as the Stratos's wind become weaker, and flashs of light are seeing in the room. "Stratos!!!!" Screamed Cyrrus.

"My dear child. Forgive me for all that I did that made others suffer. Not only my sight will be wasted now, but I must cease to exist, in order to repay my debts. Know that your friend Mythran may still be alive. Don't ever lose your hope, because it is the greatest treasure that you may acquire in all of your life. Farewell, my dear child..."

And by saying that, the foci brighted, and the wind ceased. Stratos had vanished. Two other foci were left behind in the place where Stratos was. One of them was the Air Walk foci, and the other was an stranger foci, which symbol was a sun.

"Stratos gave me her powers..." Saying Cyrrus to itself, still don't believing in what happened.

"Let's go, Cyrrus. We have to go to the city soon. Darion is in great danger." - said Devon, putting a hand on Cyrrus's shoulder.

Then Cyrrus took all the foci and walked back to the cliff.

"But how will we cross the gates?" Asked Devon, very concerned.

"Now we have a way! My foci are enchanted again. Now I can use Fade from Sight spell on us!" - exclaimed Cyrrus

"What are you doing stucked here? Let's do it!"

"Quas An Lor!" - Cyrrus spoke, twice, after raising his hand while holding the Closed Eye Foci.

Then Cyrrus used Fade from Sight spell, and they walked to the gates. When the soldiers got far, they climbed the walls, and entered the city. One of the soldiers have heard something and looked, but saw nobody and ignored it.

"Now we must find Darion. He cannot be far from here. Maybe... in that building?" - said in a low voice, Devon, pointing at the big green building.

"Let's find out. Nobody will see us anyway..." - replied Cyrrus And then, the two invisible heroes approached the green building...

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