Original Idea by

Origin Systems

Story written by

Amazing Dragon (Amaz)

aka Stuart Kerrigan

Based on the Lost Vale

The forgotten add-on for Ultima VIII: Pagan

Much prodding by

Practically everyone who has signed the guestbook.

Special thanks to

Xoom for the web space.
Ralph for his most excellent pictures!! Go to the Art Gallery and see them!
Slightly Mad for the Lost zip download.
Erraticus for his Dragon Press that gave me the idea.
Micro Dragon for all the goodies used to create pictures.
Lothar for his comments and prodding for more.

The Aftermath of Ultima VIII Pagan: The Lost Vale is not endorsed or supported by Origin (OSI). I am not an employee of Origin, and am not affiliated with them in any way.


Special thanks goes to:

Natreg Dragon who recovered this fanfic
Shadow of Light Dragon who uploaded the text only version of this fanfic on the Dragon Press, and without whom this new site wouldn't be up
Hacki Dragon who taught me most of the little HTML I know

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