After the coming of the Avatar, the Pagans found themselves without a land. Flaming meteors had made it barren and great floods had plunged it to the depths of the ocean. Led by Lord Devon, the Pagans made a final stand on the Plateau, home of the mysterious Mythran. Mythran spoke of a myth, a Lost Vale, which he had a key to...

A small group was assembled to find the door that belonged to the key, and investigate the Lost Vale. This is the story of those Pagans. It is an epic story of heroism, adventure, treachery and honour. It is the story of Devon. It is also the story of great cosmic forces, the Titans of Pagan and the Zealan Dieties.

(from the original front page of the Lost Vale fanfic, by Amazing Dragon. Added here on 16th February 2003)

The Retrieval

The Lost Vale was first written by Amazing Dragon, but was apparently lost when his site that hosted this fanfiction ceased to work. But now it has been recovered since Natreg Dragon had it saved, and he kindly uploaded it for me so that I could download it.

After speaking to Shadow of Light Dragon, who now runs the Dragon Press, I remembered that the Dragon Press needed The Lost Vale, so I asked Natreg Dragon to give me the link to his upload and I passed it on to Shadow of Light Dragon. A few weeks ago, Shadow of Light Dragon uploaded The Lost Vale on the Dragon Press, but without pictures since it would have been a bit too big for the site. Today (27 July 2002) I offered to host the fanfic on my geocities webspace, and here we are!

- Dino the Dark Dragon, 27 July 2002

Information about the Lost Vale

The Lost Vale was an add-on to Ultima VIII - Pagan which was never made, probably due to Ultima 8 being rushed by EA. The Ultima Web Archive hosted all that we know of The Lost Vale - the screenshots, that I have today also hosted on my site. The Lost Vale was supposedly accessed from the locked double doors on the plateau, though that became inaccessible since the add-on was never made. Amazing Dragon has written this fanfic about the Lost Vale, so that we now know how things might have turned out. However, the original story intended the Avatar to have an adventure there, not to have the survivors of Pagan end up there after the Avatar left Pagan.

- Dino the Dark Dragon, 28 July 2002



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