Binti's dialogue v. 1.0


Information about Binti

This is just some information about Binti, taken from anywhere. It is here just for reference.

From Blackthorn forums:

From "The Solari people" thread:

The weapon maker is a woman. Young but not very attractive. She is fond of Alamango but he is too busy trying to change Ulia. An Intelligent woman, thin and fairly desirable. She has recently learned how to poison weapons and this has given the Solari tribe an advantage over the Ubi. This has garnered much favor from the Shaman and even though Ulia is jealous of Binti, the Shaman makes it no secret that he is fond of her talents. Her favorite weapon is the spear. Not too opinionated about the Guardian.

From "The Love Triangle" thread:

One of the players that will come into play early on the game will be Binti. I made the mistake of not including her as part of BTs team but I think she should be part of every quest where BT can recruit helpers. Binti likes Alamango, but Alamango is madly in love with Ulia. During her quests with Blackthorn she will see Blackthorn as a handsome well mannered brave individual. We will also incorporate dialogues between the two that will be of very pleasant and friendly in nature. The dialogues and interaction between the two should be strong enough to convince the player that "Binti should be Blackthorn's love interest".

Alamango and Binti should accompany Blackthorn to the village of Khilari. Alamango should leave immediately as Blackthorn nears Khilari but we should show that Binti prefers to stick around with Blackthorn. On the outskirts of town are a few homes and one of them is Maya's. Maya collects herbs for her research and profession so she prefers to be closer to nature. Here Blackthorn meets her and we should show within our dialogues the strong attraction they both feel for each other. Compliments on the color of the skin, the clothes that are being worn etc should be added to the dialogues. Eventually BT must convince Maya to join him and when she does, all of a sudden we see Binti wanting to return to the village. Statements like "I shouldn't be seen with you or your mission could be in jeapordy etc" could be used. All the while showing the player that she resents Maya coming into the picture. While she won't confront Maya, she will humbly accept defeat, this is her fate of losing men to other woman and she is nice enough to know that she can't force people into loving her.

Later in the game Maya will be gone (see quest "The story of Maya" ) and Binti will see a heart broken devasted Blackthorn. Here good will and strong feelings will bring her back to Blackthorn, she will join him and will be a powerful ally to the end of the game. She will play a critical role in game 2 as Blackthorn will start to see her for what she is and appreciate her as more than a friend.


These are notes on the format of the dialogue, read carefully to be able to understand the dialogue.

Each dialogue piece, which includes speech for Blackthorn and the NPC, is labelled with a keyword. Most of these keywords come from keywords chosen from previous dialogue pieces. When Blackthorn chooses a keyword as a dialogue option, he will say a full sentence, which you will see where the keyword links to. The destination keywords are not to feature in the game.

The dialogues said by Blackthorn and the NPC are marked with their name, though that won't feature in the game.

Another thing of note is that dialogue pieces borrow some dialogue options from previous dialogue pieces. I have listed all the possible dialogue options for each dialogue piece, and I have marked new dialogue options with an asterisk (*). Those dialogue options marked with an asterisk start off in the dialogue piece in which they are marked. Dialogue options that were already selected should be omitted when implementing the dialogue into the toolset. You should not be able to choose dialogue options you've already chosen before.

An action apart from the dialogue, such as ending a conversation or giving an item, is marked in red.

Opening Dialogue

You see a thin young woman before you. Her strong hand has a firm grasp on her spear, a thick green ooze slowly trickling down its sharp edge. Her crystal clear eyes are friendly and sincere. Her large bicep indicates that she is used to dabbling in weaponry.
Blackthorn: "Hail!"
Binti: "Welcome, Blackthorn!" She folds her arms, and a smile bares her ivory-white teeth. "Can I assist you somehow?"

Dialogue of when the Ubi are attacking