I was playing around with the full spellbook and full mana cheat, just to see what the spells looked like.  I summoned a demon, then killed him, and walked through the blood.  See my footprints?  I walked back and forth over that spot and left bloody footprints.  Just noticed that.
This is the spot where you find the brown egg.  The next screeenshot shows it in my back pack.  I found it in that narrow passageway in Ambrosia that leads to the room where the Hythloth teleporter is at.  No reason for it to be there.  Anyone knows the reason, let me know.  Seems a bit off.

I was goofing around with the other spells, and I went back to where the queen was.  I didn't kill her before, since you lose karma.  I just grabbed the queen eggs, and run.  She can't do much damage to you anyway, so there is no reason to kill her.  Unless you want to play around with the full spellbook cheat, and then walk through her blood to make red footprints.

8 bags and they're always full.  Oh well.  I have that crystal there in toolbelt spot 9 because I never used it to talk to the prisoner.  I just stumbled through the hidden wall and found the flying boots.  See the wings on them?  Probably just a fashion assessory to remind the dumb workers what it does.  Obviously those little wings can't flap hard enough to make you fly.  Its some other kind of magic at work here.