The gay avatar really does exist.
In Britton, behind the museem, in a little shack....

You hear him saying "he loves me" over and over again.  When you talk to him, he gets excited, then ask you not to tell anyone he is there.  He doesn't seem quite right in the head.

So, why does a crazy gay man dress up like the Avatar, and live in a shack back there anyway?
Lot of strange things in this game.

One moment she is telling me she wants to marry me when she grows up, then she is commenting on my personal hygene.  The little children always have some odd thing to throw out at you.

Love her accent though.  "I hope no one carts me off to paws".

Dogs in the game always run up to you and sniff your butt.  No joking.  They follow behind you and make a load sniffing noise.