4am 8-29-00
I'm adding links to my Ultima 9 crap.  Not that anyone cares.

Here is some more crap you probably couldn't care less about.

What follows is what was here before, minus, uh.... the raining smiley things.  Look at my fortunecity site for that.

Uploading to Earthlink is faster, so I'm putting stuff here.  I'm not sure how much room I have.

And so it begins!  The earthlink people told me how to upload files.  The instruction on their site for netscape are wrong!  It said to list my webpage in this one area, when in fact you are suppose to list the ftp: address of uploading.

I figured its about time I actually get around to fixing this thing.  But I'm too lazy to do a good job at it.  Just scroll through the Cr@p until you find whatever you were looking for.

Its me.  Thomas Prewitt, also known as Wolf Dreamer on the TAK and AOKB forums, as well as on ICQ 11235749.  My e-mail address is of course thomasprewitt@earthlink.net, which is easy to determine if you look at this webpage address.

My insane ramblings are currently down.
My short stories are now gone, so don't ask.

My Alicia Silverstone section to which most of this site was dedicated was taken down because there are already so many great sites out there.  The only thing I had differant was my whacked out movie reviews(including ones to sequels she never made), and of course the Samson the Wonderdog comics.  Comics?  More like a few stick figures, some images of Alicia showing off various emotions from her movies, and some mindless dialog.  Anyway, thats all gone now.

I rewrote that but couldn't decide which to use.  I'll put both.

I also took down the Samson the Wonderdog comics and various short stories.  I don't believe Alicia Silverstone has a flying talking dog, nor does she put on a pair of boots and run around kicking the daylights out of people who are mean to animals.  To my knowledge she does not possess any psychic powers whatsoever, other than the ability to make lonely computer geeks fall hopelessly in love with her.  Sigh....  One day she will acknowledge my existance.  Her physical beauty is equal only by the beauty of her personality.

I took down my old UO information.  It is way outdated since I stopped playing it over a year ago do the many errors that plagued it, and the stuborn unwillingness of the dictator Lord British to fix it.  A once great man, however just because the king has gone mad, doesn't mean we should all follow him into madness.

PS.  The stubborn Lord British, aka Richard Garriot left Ultima, and someone else made Ultima Online better by actually listening to what people have been saying for years.  I'm told that it sucks a lot less badly than it used to.

My Total Annihilation: Kingdoms information, I never bothered to update, proofread, or finish because I quit that game and now spend my time playing Age of Empires II, the Age of Kings.  If you like long thought out games, with lots of micromanaging, then you'll like it.  If you just like quick little mass produce and shoot up everything in site games, then you should stay with Total Annihilation: Kingdoms.  TA:K had a crusades patch when I left, which allows defenses to be better at taking out tier one units, preventing swarms.  Haven't played the game in a while, so I'm not sure how it all turned out.

Age of Kings information: most players are in favor of an option to automatically replant forms.  The only ones against it seem to think that it is a necessary irratation because it means that players will have to switch away from whatever battle they are in the middle of, and while they are wasting time telling the farmers to replant, this gives the other side the chance to uh... I don't know.  Go to the forum if you want know that.  My name is Wolf Dreamer there, and is Wolf_Dreamer_ on the zone.  I had to add that extra _ at the end of my name, because someone already took my name.

AOE2: AOK will have an expansion pack in the months to come.  They are using lots of my ideas.  Some of them were also recommended by others, but a few come directly from my post on AOKB.

One of the guys who cofounded Ensemble Studios and made Age of Empires, started his own company called Stainless Steel Studios.  He is making a similar games called Empire Earth which will be out in 2001.  You have a lot more stuff, and can modify it to make your own units and stats, which is what made Total Annihilation so popular.

Click on the link below to go to the forum for Age of Kings.

I think you can go to http://www.seanbaby.com now.
The current news stories, the super hero quiz.... it is halarious.  You'll laugh until it hurts.  I love the Seanbaby probe of current events.

Sharkey's homepage of Sharkey comes and goes.

The famous 'frog in the blender' cartoon.  Even my mother laughed at this.  That frog just sets there saying things like "You don't have the balls!"  Its funny.  Just wait and listen to his comments for each faster speed.
He has JoeFishing, which shows what happens when you use a foul mouthed gerbil as bait.  Very funny stuff.  There is also Live and let Dive, Super Fly(I like the one with the drunken fly urinating on the frog), and some other things.  I also found the chatroom thing amusing.  To each their own.

The diary of an AOL user.... Very amusing.

nice site.  humor.

A good updated Alicia Silverstone webpage.  The only updated one around for all of you diehard fans:

Some Gwyneth Paltrow images here and there:

The online diary of a really nice and interesting lady as she struggles to find happiness and self understanding in this unfair world.

Natassa Henstrige(species babe)

Christina Ricci

Some of the postings, like for the Tick, are so intelligent and interesting.  Others you don't want to bother reading.  To each their own.

Now for some messed up links not worth bothering with unless you are really bored.
The Sea Monkey's Worship Page

The Duct/duck Tape Page
Sometimes duct tape comes with a picture of a duck on it and it is labeled duck tape because that is what many people around here call it.  Its a crazy mixed up world, I know, but when you absolutely have to tape your duck, what else are youn going to use?  I'm trying to be funny, but as usual, failing miserably in the effort.

Butchering the Human Carcass
If you want a link to send someone to convince them that you have some serious mental problems... or you just want to freak them out or something.  I don't know.

Taking ADvantage
Let a proffessor of something or 'nother tell you how commercials mess with your head or something.  I don't remember.  No one reads this crap anyway.  I know I don't.  :)

The most dangerous site on the entire web!  If we do not stop this madness, it will be the end of the world as we know.  We gave women the right to vote and equality and everything else, but this just goes to far!  Its unnatural I tell you!  And its just plain wrong.
Its a webpage showing women how to pee standing up, for those of you who don't feal like clicking on the link to see what it is.  I came close to almost making another joke which was almost funny enough to laugh at.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine....

Here is an picture from way back in the days of UO..... which caused many of us to lose faith in humanity.  So much evil... so much pain.... so much lag... too many bad memories... must not return there.  Even after a year away from that game, the memories hunt me still.  I think this picture sums up the entire game really well... not!  I got lots of them like that.  If anyone finds it even remotely interesting, E-mail me and I'll add a few hundred more.

If my webpage sucks so badly, then why are you here?  Just surfed in by accident obviously.  Be more careful next time.  Lot of useless nonsense like this on the internet.  Too many of us losers out there with too much free time on our hands.  If I wasn't afraid of women..... oh well.

Thats all for now.  I'll update eventually, but don't hold your breath.  Unless you are into that kind of thing.

I'll have to figure out how to add a counter to this page, since Earthlink doesn't have a very good program set up like geocities or fortunecity.  I'll try to add a forum as well.  Anyone know a good free one and can give simply instruction like "Select these lines of code, hit copy, and paste it on your index page", please let me know.