Here we see the slave auctions in Bucadeer's Den.  Notice the blood on the floor?  There is also an area with a large shirtless man using a whip to beat the living daylights out of another man for no particular reason.

After you buy her, then you get the following message when you talk to the slaver.


If you try to talk to the girl before buying her, the owner yells at you.

Need a good slave girl?  Go to Bucanneers Den.  They cost 3000 gold though.  Thats insane!  There is a much hotter blond you can rent for a lot cheaper, and she knows how to please a man.

Whenever you walk by her house, she comes out and asks if you "want to party".  She then tells her price when you agree.

She has shackles near her bed.  Now you know she is a professional. :)

If you talk to the watress in Bucanneer's Den in the tavern, she offers you the "special" which is serpents venom.  This isn't a good screenshot.  A lot of my screenshots suck, but its just the writting I was concerned about capturing.  If you use it before hiring the female prostitute, you'll wake up the next morning with a guy standing there smiling at you.  He says, "I'm out of gold.  Have to go to sea to get some plunder."  Plunder is also called booty.  It would've been funny if he said he had to go to sea to get some more booty.

Although most books are just for show, and can't be read, a few can.  A lot of lonely programmers stayed up late working on these things.

Katrina, who brags about being the most humble person around, keeps the following book by her nightstand.  Being the only person left on the island of New Magincia, must get lonely.  Just her and some sheep.  And the following book next to her nightstand.


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