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28th January 2003

Dino's Ultima Page has moved. Go to the new address yourself if the redirection fails to work.

Web NewsRemake NewsWebsite News Moving...
27th January 2003

The U6 Project's new domain is now working.

There is also an update on the Grand Roster of the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter, showing Tareon Dragon as the latest Dragon.

Dino's Ultima Page is scheduled to move to its new host tomorrow. I will prepare a redirection to the new host. I think I have completed enough of the Ultima 8 Guide to release the new site. Apart from the walkthrough, writings and magic sections mentioned before, the dialogue section is also incomplete, but since these are long sections and it will take me some time anyway to complete them, I think I may very well release the Guide anyway. Whether I release the Guide tomorrow or some other date at the end of January, those sections will still be incomplete, so there's no reason to wait any longer. In tomorrow's update, I will introduce you to the features of the new site.

Web NewsRemake News U6P URL change
26th January 2003

I was contacted by Sliding Dragon from the U6 Project team, who explained that the U6 Project will have a new domain at u6archon.com, and that the old domain (u6project.com) no longer works. As is said on the Lazarus website, the new domain does not work yet because it was just registered, but it will be up within a couple of days. Meanwhile, all those people who bookmarked the old link or linked to it from their site should update it.

The links page has been updated to reflect this change.

Web NewsRemake News Remakes and sites
25th January 2003

There is an update on Lazarus. Apparently they will make an announcement related to worldbuilding in about a week, and in the meantime, they have put a link to an old PVP comic related to when Richard Garriott left Origin.

As far as sites go, I noticed lately that the Ultima Emulation Archive, formerly the Dragon's Den, is down.

Also, the U6 Project's website (from the PlanetDungeonSiege link) is back up.

Regarding my upcoming U8 Guide and my site moving host, that will come very soon. My Guide is very near completion, and all I have left are the walkthrough, writings and magic sections. Due to the length of these sections, it would probably take me much longer than the end of January to complete them, so I might release the Guide even before they are completed, while completing them little by little as time goes by. I will try to complete as much as possible, while trying to stick to the given release date (end of January), so I will not release the Guide any time before that.

Web News Rune Reading
23rd January 2003

Hacki's Ultima Page has changed poll, displaying the results of the previous one about the Eight Virtues, and offering a new one about which runic languages you can read without a chart.

Web NewsFanfiction News Fallen Legacy
21st January 2003

A new fanfiction written by BlueClaw called Fallen Legacy is the latest addition to the Dragon Press.

Web NewsRemake News Explanations
20th January 2003

For those who have noticed that the U6 Project's domain is down, Ultima V: Lazarus have explained that there is trouble with their domain, so you can reach their website through their PlanetDungeonSiege address. For now, it seems something is wrong even with the U6P's PlanetDungeonSiege website, but I think it will be fixed soon enough.

And as far as explanations go, you might have noticed that I have not yet archived the December news. This is because Dino's Ultima Page is moving. Don't worry, you will not come for news and get a boring "This page has moved" message; I will make a redirection from the Geocities page to my new website when it is ready for releasing. If you want to know when the new website will show up, I can tell you that I will release the new website when I finish the Ultima 8 Guide I'm working on. That means soon, in about a week. The most it can take is the end of January. If you want an explanation as to why I am moving host, I think I do owe you an explanation. The reason is that it is better for both you and me. With the new host, I will be able to use PHP, which will allow me to control the website more easily. You will get much more, as you will be seeing:

  • a much nicer design than the grey scrolls some people complained about;
  • new information;
  • new pages including a guestbook;
  • and hopefully, it will even be ad-free!
Web NewsRemake News Updates and downdates
17th January 2003

Apparently there is a final notice on the old Ultima 1 - A Legend is Reborn site, telling visitors to visit the Era site.

Ultima V: Lazarus has released new music, comprising the Lazarus theme.

Hacki's Ultima Page has also spread the news of Lazarus' new music.

Web NewsFanfiction NewsRemake News Exile update
15th January 2003

There has been a large update at Ultima VIII - Exile, featuring many new screenshots. There are two new screenshots at the People page and a whole new media page with six new screenshots.

Web NewsFanfiction NewsRemake News Dragon Press and Era
14th January 2003

There is a new fanfiction on the Dragon Press called "Servant of the Flame".

Peroxide, who were remaking Ultima 1, have released the website of their new project Era.

It seems that the Enilno project is making good progress, as can be seen from the newly-released screenshots of their engine.

Web NewsFanfiction News Dragon Press
12th January 2003

News on the Dragon Press shows 2 updates. The first is that Dissention is now on the Dragon Press as well, and the second is that my Tale of the Mystics has been updated on the Dragon Press as well.

Web News Bad news again
11th January 2003

No new updates today, actually there is what you can call a downdate, not an update. Fans for Ultima seems to be dead...

Web NewsWebsite NewsFanfiction News Lots of updates
10th January 2003

In the latest update on Hacki's Ultima Page, Scene 6 of Dissention has been added.

There is an update on Lazarus, in which it seems that another worldbuilder has been hired, and the site will once again be updated regularly.

And speaking of new members, it looks like there are five new Dragons on the Ultima Dragons Internet Chapter, as you can see on the Grand Roster per date, on which they feature as the latest Dragons.

There is also an update to Dino's Ultima Page itself! It has been very long, but Tale of the Mystics has been updated. You can now read the new chapters 13 and 14, which are now available.

My Site Map has also been updated.

Web News Dissention Scene 5
9th January 2003

If you liked Dissention on Hacki's Ultima Page, then know that Scene 5 has been added.

Web NewsRemake News Engagement
8th January 2003

News on Lazarus states that Eramus has had an engagement.

Web NewsRemake NewsWebsite News Various issues
5th January 2003

The only update today from the Ultima community is on the Ultima 9 - Redemption page, announcing that they still need more people to help, including modellers, artists and Morrowind worldbuilders, as well as that they should be updating more often in future.

The debate over at the Ultima 1 forums is still on, and has reached 8 pages. The discussion is basically the same as it was yesterday and the day before... people telling Peroxide not to give up etc.

There are great things to come on Dino's Ultima Page! At the moment, I am working on a guide to Ultima 8. This does not only mean a walkthrough, but also practically a whole site about Ultima 8. It will have various sections, and don't worry, it will have lots of pictures as well. I do not know when I will finish with it, but I can say that I already finished a few sections. When it's ready, I will announce it.

Web NewsRemake News Fall of a remake
3rd January 2003

Although many people will not believe it unless they see it, it happens to be that the remake you would have least expected to give up - Ultima 1 - A Legend is Reborn - will no longer be an Ultima remake due to legal issues with Electronic Arts. Hacki's Ultima Page also announced an extract of the announcement that Telemachos made on the Ultima 1 forums. It is all explained in that thread. This does not mean that Peroxide are dropping their current project; it just will not be an Ultima. In fact, their project is now called Era: The Arken-Throne, and might become commercial. Bad news, I know, but this gave Peroxide more flexibility in their current project, and they no longer have to worry about legal issues with EA.

This is definately the worst news I've ever announced on Dino's Ultima Page. And to think it's the first update of the year!

Speaking of falling remakes, I noticed from some time that the U6 Project website is down, and Eriadain looks pretty dead, having not been updated since July 31st of last year.

Website NewsWeb News End of year
31st December 2002

Today is the last year of 2002, and the Ultima websites seem pretty quiet.

Meanwhile, I have upgraded the appearance and code of my Journal of Pagan.

There is an update on Hacki's Ultima Page with a new theory, a media section update with a closer look at British's crown, and a new fanfiction section started with "Dissention".

Happy new year!

Website NewsWeb News Christmas
26th December 2002

It was Christmas yesterday, I hope everyone enjoyed it. There's been an update from an Ultima website - in fact the Dragon Press was the only website that bothered to put a "Happy Christmas" notice.

Website NewsWeb News Blackout
23rd December 2002

Unfortunately something went wrong with my connection over the past few days, and I had to stay without internet for a week before the problem was finally solved today. I apologise for the inconvenience. I didn't waste my time, however, in the meantime, as although I got sick, I improved the code of The Lost Vale and I am preparing for more Ultima Information coming up.

What did we miss while I was unavailable? Nothing much, surprisingly. The only update I saw was on the chronological roster of UDIC. There are a good 11 new dragons!

Web NewsFanfiction News Star Trek & Ultima fanfiction
16th December 2002

A new fanfiction on the Dragon Press, called Star Trek: The Next Generation: Ultima World was written by Robert McQuistion.

Website NewsWeb News November news archived
15th December 2002

I have archived the November news.

There is also an update on Hacki's Ultima Page, featuring new nitpicks for the Tapestry of the Ages and Lord British's Castle.

Web NewsRemake NewsFanfiction News Exile in German
14th December 2002

For those people who want to see Exile in German, here comes proof that it's coming! In fact Ultima VIII - Exile have released two new screenshots from the German version! The first screenshot features the execution in German, and the second one shows the letter to Mordea from Lieutenant Vittek. The translation is thanks to Tribun Dragon.

There's also some news on the Dragon Press. In fact, "The Black Ankh" by Shadow of Light Dragon has been updated.

Website NewsWeb News Tests
11th December 2002

For those interested in testing their Ultima knowledge, I've updated my General Information with a list of tests you can take.

And in fact, Quill Dragon's Lair has been updated with an all new vice test. You may see a list of Quill Dragon's tests, as well as see the new one, in the Path of the Powerplayer.

Web NewsFanfiction News There goes fanfiction
8rd December 2002

The Dragon Press hosts a new fanfiction called "Birthright".

Web NewsRemake News Lazarus jobs - again
3rd December 2002

There's a new job offer on Ultima V: Lazarus - they need a highly skilled assistant web developer. If you think you can handle the job, head there and apply!


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