Dino's Guide to Ultima VII - The Black Gate

Key Finding Options

Find keys of quality found at which opens at .

#QualityLocationTargetTarget Location
1Key Quality 1 (1)Floor, Stables, TrinsicChestChristopher's House, Trinsic
2Key Quality 30 (30)Drawer, LB's study, CastleDoorNW Tower, Castle British
3Key Quality 16 (16)Drawers, Sentri's House, BritainDoorSentri's storeroom, Britain
4Key Quality 20 (20)Stone Harpy's body, SpektranDoorVault, Spektran
5Key Quality 21 (21)Cynthia's body, BritainDoorMint, Britain
6Key Quality 2 (2)Cynthia's body, BritainDoorMint, Britain
7Key Quality 1 (1)Cynthia's body, BritainDoorMint, Britain
8Key Quality 11 (11)Sintag's possession, House of Games, Buc's DenDoorHouse of Games, Buc's Den
9Key Quality 6 (6)Drawers, Hook's Hideout, Buc's DenChestTunnels, Buc's Den
10Key Quality 20 (20)Trout's body, Here, Lock LakeDoorMack's Shed, Britain
11Key Quality 27 (27)Chest, Guardian's X, NE Tropical ForestChestMeeting Room, Serpent's Hold
12Key Quality 32 (32)Under Bucket, Slaughterhouse, PawsChestSlaughterhouse, Paws
Morfin's house, Paws
13Key Quality 26 (26)Under Flowers, Morfin's house, PawsDoorSlaughterhouse, Paws
14Key Quality 27 (27)Bag, Cave, NW Valorian IsleChestCave, NW Valorian Isle (x2)
15Key Quality 2 (2)Desk, Secret Room, NE Valorian IsleChestSecret Room, NE Valorian Isle
16Key Quality 2 (2)Goth's possession, Jail, Empath AbbeyDoorJail, Empath Abbey
17Key Quality 24 (24)Shelf, Fellowship, BritainChestFellowship, Britain
18Key Quality 8 (8)Ian's possession, Meditation RetreatDoorBarrier, Meditation Retreat
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