Dino's Guide to Ultima VII - The Black Gate

You are watching a butterfly hover over the title of "Ultima 7" on your computer when all of a sudden a red face appears on your screen unexpectedly, and addresses you.

The Guardian: "Avatar! Know that Britannia has entered into a new age of enlightenment. Know that the time has finally come for one the true Lord of Britannia to take his place at the head of his people! Under my guidance, Britannia will flourish, and all the people shall rejoice and pay homage to their new... Guardian! Know that you, too, shall kneel before me, Avatar. You, too, shall soon acknowledge my authority - for I shall be your companion... your provider... and your master!"

The Guardian ends his little speech with an evil laugh, and then fades away, restoring your computer as it was before.

Something is obviously amiss.
It has been a long time since your last visit to Britannia.
The mystical Orb beckons you...
It has opened gateways to Britannia in the past.
Behind your house lies the circle of stones.
Why is a Moongate already there?
You have but one path to the answer...

You dive into the moongate, for the beginning of a new quest in Britannia.

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