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Easter Eggs

Three of the Avatar's companions from Britannia make an appearance in The Savage Empire, even though they are no longer their former selves. They are not Eodon natives, but arrived there long ago and adapted to the savage tribes. Triolo, of the Kurak tribe, is Iolo; Dokray of the Pindiro tribe is Dupre, and Shamuru of the Barako tribe is Shamino.

Spector, who plays a key role in the game, is actually supposed to be Warren Spector, the man who came up with the idea for The Savage Empire, and who was behind great games such as Serpent Isle and Deus Ex. An interview with Warren Spector at Through the Looking Glass sheds some light on his involvement with the game as well as the in-game character that represents him.

Warren Spector speaks of his involvement with The Savage Empire: "...I came up with the idea for Savage Empire then passed it onto another producer. I had nothing to do with the game beyond the first 20-page design papers. That was kind of my baby."

Seggallion, who appeared in Ultima 5 and 6, also appears in a secret area of Eodon, accessible only by throwing an explosive over a chasm to knock down a great tree that serves as a bridge. With Seggallion you'll find lots of valuables and rifle bullets, as well as two entrances to the Myrmidex caves and the broken teleporter plate. Seggallion is not very sociable in this game, and his function is entirely unknown. It is a mystery how he got to the Valley of Eodon, as well as why he has suddenly become a modern man when he was previously an average medieval Britannia man.

Stephen Beeman, who had a part in worldbuilding and appears to have built the caves, left his initials ("SMB") in the caves map.

Denys, an Urali outcast living in a cave southeast of the Yolaru village, is most likely an easter egg for Denis Loubet, who did the art for most (if not all) the Ultimas. The in-game character is a painter - clearly indicating a connection with Loubet's talent in art.

A long time ago, someone told me about a special Eohippus hiding in the unused gargoyle map from Ultima 6 (accessible only with MDHack), which had its own portrait and was supposed to be an easter egg for Smith. Unfortunately, I have not been able to verify this myself, and I even forgot who told me this. Whoever told me about it should contact me, so that I can give him proper credit for this easter egg (and perhaps I can verify this Eohippus' existence).

Wikipedia's article about The Savage Empire says that the Three Stooges appear in the game as members of the Disquiqui tribe. In fact, Chafblum will respond to "nyuk" and "stooge".


The Savage Empire has an interesting and well-made story. However, Hacki's nitpicking community still managed to dig up some Savage Empire nitpicks. You can find them at Hacki's Ultima Page in English or in German.


When I first dropped the boulder on the Thunderer, the text "Eohippus falls" appeared. When I replayed the game to write the walkthrough in this guide and dropped the boulder on the Thunderer again, the text "Gold falls" appeared. It seems that some bug causes "[object] falls" to be written whenever that particular boulder falls.

A more well-known bug is that if you try to leave the Myrmidex caves after having beaten the Great Drum, you will be stuck in an infinite, self-repeating grassland.

In his playthrough of Savage Empire, Sergorn writes about a bug that turns one of your companions into a horse.

More bugs can be found at:


Hardcoded text

The GAME.EXE file contains a lot of the written text you will see in the box at the bottom-right corner of the screen in the game. You can see this text by either opening the file in a hex editor (such as Irfanview, which is mainly an image viewer but can also read text and audio files, and has an in-built hex editor; or the DEBUG tool in the Windows command line), or renaming the file to .txt and opening it with Notepad. Opening the file reveals some things not encountered in the game:

Remnants of Ultima 6

Using the MDHack cheat, one can teleport to the Gargoyle Lands from Ultima 6. This area is unused in The Savage Empire, but still exists. Since all tiles were changed in The Savage Empire, it is obvious that an Ultima 6 map with Savage Empire tiles has to look like a mess.

The head section in the inventory is useless. You can't wear anything on your head in The Savage Empire.


Using a program called MDHack, you can activate the Alt codes or use the item creation cheat.

A "Cheatbook Database" program that came with a PCFormat magazine had the following other cheats you can try. I can't find the CD which it was on, so credit for these cheats goes to whoever wrote that "Cheatbook Database". I never managed to get these cheats to work, and a quick search in GAME.EXE reveals that there is no such text as "The Gods Intervene". However I don't exclude the possibility that these cheats (or rather, bugs) worked on an earlier version of the game and were fixed in a later release.

To get unlimited turns, move your character next to the enemy and press Q (quick). As you strike the enemy press SPACE. The attack menu reappears allowing another attack. Keep this up until your enemy is defeated!

Press ALT-X during combat (on enemies turn) and the enemy should disappear. The message "The Gods Intervene" will appear and battle will end.

Using these cheats you won't lose any xp pts or treasure.

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