Dino's Complete Guide to
Ultima 1: The First Age of Darkness
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Ultima 1 Revenge
U1Revenge World U1Revenge Town

I started this project myself in March 2007 as a Reverse Engineering Effort (hence the name RevEngE) for Ultima 1. The goal is to understand and the structure of the Ultima 1 data files and engine, and use that knowledge to produce tools for U1. This project was, like many others of its kind, inspired by Exult. However, there is a much greater focus on documentation than on actually creating a full engine for the game, although that would be the ultimate achievement for this project.

Work on this project has been occasional, according to when I manage to find time. However, a lot of progress has been done towards understanding the Ultima 1 files, as you can see from the Ultima 1 Technical Info section of this Guide. Two demos of an in-progress engine for Ultima 1 were released in May 2012, allowing general interaction with the overworld and towns. A map viewer and a tile viewer have also been developed although not released.

There is no particular roadmap for Ultima 1 Revenge. However, a few things that come to mind include:

The documentation aspect of this project can be seen in this U1 Guide's Technical Info section. Other than that, the latest demo of the U1Revenge Engine can be downloaded from the U1Revenge project page at The Ultima Codex. This requires both the .NET Framework 3.5 and the XNA Framework 3.1 Redistributable.

Ultima Saved Game Editor
U1 Sagegame Editor

The Ultima Saved Game Editor is a tool by Xenerkes Dragon and JTG Dragon that allows editing of savegames from Ultima 1 to 5. It was originally released on 12th January 2000, and the latest version (1.3) was released on 23rd February 2001. You can download it for Windows or Mac OS X at the project page at The Ultima Codex.

For Ultima 1, this tool allows you to edit the various character stats, weapons, armour, spells, and a few other things. Transports may not be changed, and although the player's location may be modified, there is no list of locations to go to as there is for other games.


Other projects, ranging from graphics patches to total conversions, can be seen at The Ultima Codex's Ultima 1 section.