Dino's Guide to Ultima VII - The Black Gate



The following are a couple of funny stories which were made to make humour from bugs in the game, cheating, and stuff like that. These are the stories available at the moment:

You can also see some very strange pictures, taken without cheating, at my gallery of absurdities.

Fun with People

There are many fun things to do with people, as well as fun facts about them. This section includes:

Coming soon!

Killing Wisps

Dealing with hostile wisps is a problem, because they're invulnerable. Or almost. Here are a few ways of dealing with them that have been reported:


In "The Black Gate: Wee Britain", The CRPG Addict lists several different ways you can interact with your surrounding environment.



Hacki's Ultima Page has a list of nitpicks in Ultima 7 - The Black Gate (among other Ultimas) in English or German.


These are a few bugs in Ultima 7:

External Fun

These are a few links to external sites with pages dedicated to fun and humour in Ultima 7:

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